Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beginner's Sewing Lesson @ The Laughing House

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Keen to take up sewing & need some guidance getting started? This Beginner's Sewing Lessons are  started with you in mind :D

Check it out!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Touched by Kindness

Yesterday, I dropped by Mr. Bean's (Pasir Ris MRT Station) to get some pancakes for my kids & helper. As it turned out, I dont have enough cash at hand, & was short of 30 cents. I apologised to the staff, & said I'll take 1 less. 

Surprisingly, both of them smiled at me & spontaneously, & said "It's OK! You can come back & pay us another day." 

Wow! I was touched by their friendly & generous attitude! Coming out of the shop, I told my helper & kids what happened. And at that moment, a stranger who overheard our conversation suddenly offered me 30 cents to pay for the difference. I was rather taken aback by the unexpected offer, but politely turned down. 

What a day! I'm touched by 2 kind acts within a span of 5 mins... this reminds me, that there are plenty of kind souls around us, & perhaps when the opportunity arises, I should pass it on. 

Have you been kind today? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Racerback Flare Dress

I've been sewing for about 3 years now, mostly purses & bible covers for my online shop, The Laughing House.

My mom was a very skilful seamstress in her younger days, & she was the one who passed on her sewing skill & tips to me.

I remembered her sewing many clothes for herself, & dresses for me when I was young. But it was still deeply entrenched in my mind, that sewing clothing is a highly challenging task!

Sometime last year, I had her teach & guide me along on dressmaking. I completed 2 or 3 pieces, but was never confident enough to attempt a project without her around (we live in different countries).

With that, my interest (in dressmaking) slowly wanes again, as I stuck to the "safer" projects which I can confidently handle.

Lately, I started to notice a few pattern shops on Etsy, & once again, my interest is piqued!

What with cute little models, & customer's feedback of how they themselves were beginner sewers, yet completing a dress for their little princess!

That was all it took, for me to take the plunge once again!

Then I came across Cali Faye Collection on Etsy, & was immediately taken in by the pretty little model, stylish dresses that looked really comfortable, & best of all, greatly designed for kids!

When I saw a FB announcement that Cali Faye was having a discount (Mother's Day?), I simply couldnt resist it, & got myself 4 patterns!

One of it was this lovely Racerback Flare Dress.

I couldnt believe how easy it was to piece this dress together! My confident level definitely took a boost to a higher level!

I chose this Seaweed in Navy fabric (from my fabric collection @ Laughing House Fabric) as Natalie had been telling me how much she loved this "tiger-striped" purple fabric :D

As you can see, she was totally delighted with her new dress! I think, it's a perfect little everyday dress, for an active little girl, who likes to dress feminine with a flare- twirly dress to whirl a storm as she dance away.

Mothers, they'll be soo blessed by your effort, & believe me, it's a highly satisfying (not to mention, therapeutic, & may I add, addictive) project! ^^

* Patterns from: CaliFaye Collection
* Fabric from: Laughing House Fabric
* Stay tuned to my next project: Papillon Dress

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Bijoux by Bari.J is coming the HOUSE!

 Bijoux by Bari J. Ackerman will be coming to Laughing House Fabric this May!

Yes, they'll be the next resident at our famed fabric shelves :D

BIJOUX, Beautiful & free-spirited, I cant wait to get my hands on these charming designs bursting with life & so much enthusiasm!

Deciding what to work on with these fabrics  will hardly be a brainer at all! I can easily think of a (another) new dress for my Natalie, a desired new floral curtain for the living room, matching cushion covers. And, while we're at it, a new table cloth will hardly be too much work :)

For my customers, I'm sure they'll appreciate seeing these lovely prints on some Cash Budgeting Purses & Bible Covers!

Pls contact me at or if you're interested to in a Pre-Order Bulk Sale :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Our way of saying "Happy Mother's Day"

Here's our way of saying "Happy Mother's Day".

Enjoy 15% storewide sale (ready stock items only) @ The Laughing House with the coupon code: MOTHER .

To all Mothers out there, "You've worked hard! Thank you for your labour of LOVE." *hugs*

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tie-string Sleeveless Top for Natalie

 I'm kinda in a sewing mode these days, & feeling quite industrious! So, I gotta ride on the inspiration & motivation while it lasts :D

This is by no means a tutorial, but I'm always impressed at reading other blogposts on tutorials. So, I want to do my best to capture the steps as closely as I possibly can, so that you're able to "imagine" the work process as I go along.
 Firstly, I decided to pick a tie-string blouse that my daughter likes to wear. I think, this should be an easy enough project for me to get started ^^

Understanding that this t-shirt material is considered as "knit" material, & thus much more stretchable, I drew out a pattern (with it as my example) that's a few size larger. I think I'm safe... for now.

 Then come the hard part. Choosing fabric, hehe... Though I've decided to work with GLIMMA collection for this project, it's really hard to choose 1 out of the 18 prints I have at hand.

And, since Natalie is in school, I cant ask her opinion of which will be her favourite. (She's like me, she has up to 10 favourites! lol... )

Finally, I decided to work with Tove in Rosey Cheeks. She's barely 7, so let's choose something fun, playful, cheerful, with a dash of pink! ^^

 Pattern drawn out, & fabric rolled, ready to be cut.

 I have no idea how this will turn out... as it's my first attempt at a free-hand drawn pattern :D Even though I knew the tie-string will compensate for any wrong-sizing along the arm hole, I'm working along by "faith" really, & playing by "ear"... haha...

 Initially I dont want to use an inner lining, as I had cut & folded the fabric a tad short (trying to be thrifty). But hey, let every effort be the best effort!

So, I unrolled the fabric, & cut some more for the lining. With the lining, it'll help to give it a nice "body" with a professional finishing touch too.

 Sewing the lining (right side to right side), "opening" it, & stitching it across again on the "inside".

 Not sure if this picture is clear enough, but the stitching can be seen on the inside (of the neck-line) here, mainly to keep this lining sitting pretty, downwards.

 From the front (outside), no stitching can be seen.

Up next, cutting the bias tape for the strings. I really should have taken more pics from this stage onwards, attaching the bias tape. Well, I was totally in no mood already, as it was raining cats & dogs outside, the sky has turned really dark. With the kids sleeping (yes, this project was stopped at least 4 times from morning till afternoon), all I wanted to do was rush thru & complete it.

Finally, it was completed, with hidden seams even on the inside. I was really proud of myself & cant wait for Natalie to wake up from her nap.

When she did, I happily asked her to try on her new tie-string top. To my dismay, she struggled to fit into it from the arm onwards! Oh no....!!!

With some creative manoeuvre, I managed to let it slide down her. But, it was obviously too small for her.

My mind started ticking quickly & determining that this day's work is not going to waste, I set forth to undo the side seams, & ... everything literally!

This poor fabric had to go thru some painful undoing, but I'm glad it persevered, along with me, hehe...

But, this time, I had no more allowance to "hide" my inside seams neatly. I had no choice, but to use the "zig-zag" stitches (dont know what it's called) keep it from fraying in the future.

Natalie was happily playing camping with her brother by then, & sweaty too, when I called her again to try on the altered piece.

This time it fits! *phew*

"Natalie, please wear this often...", I told her. I went through a lot just to make you this simple, easy to make Tie-String Top! She smiled, & say "OK!" :D
This was taken this morning, newly ironed & pressed.

Up next, an Easy-Peasy Skirt to go along, with another Drake in Slate fabric, from the same collection ;)

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Made a Cover for my Samsung Note with some Fabric Scraps

 What have you been making lately? I took out some fabric scraps & decided to make a cover for my Samsung Note.

Finally decided on Michael Miller's fabric (cant remember the name, but probably Garden in Cream?), with Joel Dewberry's fabric for the interior, & a brown piece of twill fabric for the contrasting front.

It's quite belated really, as this Samsung is almost 1 yr old now, & I'm already thinking of upgrading to a newer Note ^^ hehe...

But hey, let's not dampen the mood while inspiration strikes! :D
 Made measurements, drew out the pattern, & here are the pieces all cut & displayed neatly, ready to be used.
 Initially, I really want to take a picture of every step, & perhaps try to make a tutorial on how to make this. But, once I get started, all thoughts of taking pictures etc just flew out the window.

I was already in sewing mood, & just concentrated on completing it!

As it's an easy enough project, it didnt take long at all, & I'm satisfied with my newly completed Samsung Note Sleeve/Cover/Pouch :D
As I made a similar one for a customer few weeks ago, I decided to use the same general design. Except, that instead of a rubber band & button (which my customer requested for hers), I decided to use a flap, & velcro to secure it.
 I love that the Samsung is large & wide. So, the front pocket is really useful for the headphones (or in my case, I'll probably put my EZ-link/transport & credit card in it for a short trip to the mall.
 Side by side.

 Coordinating Joel Dewberry fabric for the interior.

back view

I'm happy with how this piece turned out, & will be proudly carrying it around until... I get a new Samsung ^^

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

900 Sales & Beyond...

How time flies! Laughing House Fabric is now 1.5 yrs & has reached its 900 sales!

It's definitely a milestone for us, & I'm excited at the prospect of crossing the actual 1000 milestone :D

I really thank all my customers & "followers" who has been showing such great support to me & our humble little "Laughing House" :D

To show my appreciation, I'm offering a 10% storewide discount to all existing & new customers with the coupon code: 900SALES

This will be limited to the 1st 10 customers only, & the coupon will be deactivated once the 10th customer has used this coupon.

Have fun browsing, & enjoy this coupon ^^

Monday, April 22, 2013

Blog Highlight: Cold Hands Warm Heart

I was having my daily fix of Pinterest, when I chanced upon this tutorial.

As usual, the fun title "Braided Belt Messenger Bag"is what really caught my eye first, followed by the eye catching fabric of course :)

I though, hey... this is so clever!

Often times, I wanted to make a nice messenger bag for myself, but am out of suitably "nice" strap. Sometimes, I just dont want to use the same fabric for the strap, but buying leather straps is just too troublesome for me, especially since it's just a one-off project.

But, I do have LOTS of all kinds of leather belts that are hanging in my wardrobe, waiting patiently for its turn of glory, :D

What better way to use it than this? The length is easily adjustable with the buckle, & the colour/texture is already what we'd have loved in the first place (otherwise we wont have it in our wardrobe right?) ^^

And, for those of you who've been accumulating fabrics & running out of ideas, this tutorial & fun pattern is bound to get you inspired, & itching to get right to work right away!

Check out Cold Hands Warm Heart for this fun, easy to follow tutorial for a brand new Messenger Bag for yourself, with a cool Braided (or other Leather) Belt to boot!

Pls show me what you managed to work on, I'd LOVEEEE to see them :D

Have fun!

* No fabric? Fret not :) Choose from the wide selection at Laughing House Fabric, & get started on this Bag soon ^^

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sanrio, Little Twin Stars iPhone 5 Sleeve

This is what I worked on this afternoon, a custom order iPhone 5 Case with Japanese fabric (Sanrio, Little Twin Stars) & star button + rubber band sent by the customer.

Initially I was a bit doubtful as I've never worked on this design before. And, the first attempt with something I had in mind didnt work out as well.

But thankfully, after careful "studying" again of the design she has in mind, I managed to complete it with hidden seams throughout ^^

So proud of myself... *pat*pat* hehe...

Lastly, I dont have an iPhone 5, or an iPhone... so, I cant picture it with one :D

Though, I'm sure it'll look better "filled" up :)

Exterior measurement: 5.25 x 3 inches So, I'm confident this will fit the iPhone 5 comfortably with some allowance all around, even with a casing on it.

The front pocket was meant to put earphones in.

I'm happy with it, hopefully she will be too :D

* Kawaii *** xoxo

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