Saturday, July 14, 2007


Yay! My own blog...finally :) I've just opened an Etsy store...excited at learning so much new things, and the prospect of selling my handmade items there.

However, things are not as smooth-sailing as I wished it to be. With almost 3 weeks since I listed my 1st item, only a miserable 2 sales so far. Can be discouraging...but a few kind souls at Etsy told me that I did better than when they 1st started off...(for real???lol), n now...they r one of those "best-selling" stores at Etsy!!!

And, the common advice is, start a blog...get ppl to read...n direct them to your Etsy here I am...doggedly following whatever good advice any of these experienced n "successful" Etsians say :)

Well, let's give us a 6 months abt that? We can review if this approach has been effective or not. :P

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