Thursday, January 31, 2008

3 Leaves Clover

I've not been quite motivated to make new pieces lately, but managed this piece, named after my new shop Winning Delight . It is again in the 3 leaves clover design, which I so called it, becus it reminds me of one!

A friend of mine complained, that I'm always making earrings with this design...hehe...well, I cant quite help it, cus ever since I saw this design from a book (Yes! This basic design, is from a book ;) ) I've been completely smitten by it, and so many different fun, funky, classic combination can come out of it!
Here are some that I've made with this design, arent they pretty?? hehe...:D Just a change of colour...change of beads, change of shape, n you've got yourself a totally new look, all with this humble 3 leaves clover!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Custom Order

A customer of mine from Indonesia fell in love with my 3 in 1 organizer Pouches, but requested something smaller than what is available, and also with a "cute" fabric I suggested using the apple fabric, and asked my mom to make it according to what she requested . Its finally here :)))

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Fabric Suppliers

I've found a friendly Etsy seller who has a wide selection of Japanese Fabrics, Oriental Fabrics and may be ordering my fabric supplies from her in the future. I just bought one "apple" fabric which arrives quickly, and its really lovely!
A customer of mine, also recommended me with another online shop that she found, Fabric Tales which totally bought me over (literally) with her wide selection of fabrics...btw, she's in Japan! hehe...
Let me know if u want to have something custom made for you, with any of the fabrics found at their shops :)
PS: Love these pieces btw :)))

New Cards & Thank You Bookmarks

Say Thank You in style :) I made 8 of these to sell in The Laughing House . I love bookmarks, and I feel that instead of the typical Thank You cards to give to ppl or our customers, it's such a great idea to make them into a pretty bookmark for keepsakes, with a practical function to it too!

If I'm a customer & the recipient of such pretty bookmarks, I'll definitely keep them close to me, n probably always reminded of my purchase from you, n the great service plus appreciation as well! ♥

Here's another set of Double Blessing cards that I'm really proud of :) Its simple, pretty n sweet, n such a joy to make too :D

Monday, January 14, 2008

My 1st attempt at Banner Making

I did it :) using powerpoint,  as i saw someone in the forum saying i can do that. i went ahead n "played" around, and ta-da! hehe...

It looks kinda "amateurish" but i'm happy n satisfied with that "achievement" nevertheless...n the mystery of banner-making no longer eludes me now! haha...

I've put them up in my shops Winniel  & The Laughing House now :) 

When i have the time nx, i'll try my hands again, using photoshop this time round :D

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

There's so much "crafty" stuff that I love doing, yet time is definitely a constraint at this point in time. And so much others that I really hope I can learn one day.

List are: (Not in Order)

1. Sewing --------> so that i can make my own bags/pouch/purse...everything! lol

2. Knitting/Crocheting ------> i'm just fascinated with patterns, n what can come out of them

3. Enrolling in Arts College -------> curious at what kind of skills they can equip u with

4. Baking --------> i luv to EAT :D

5. Graphic Design ---------> always wanted to create designs, but feel "crippled" with the lack of knowledge

My dear husband always caution me, to focus what I'm alrd doing right now, which is Jewelry. Occasionally, when i have the motivation to, I'll start making cards n bookmarks to sell, which thankfully are quite well received n dont stay long in my shop! ;) Although I dont have the time to make it as fancyful as I want it to be, in their simplicity, they still reach to a certain segment of the market.

My rational is, if I dont at least try to learn what I'm alrd interested in, I'll never know if I can be good at it or not...and if I can be good at something that I love, it'll really open up doors for me to make a living doing something I really enjoy, while giving me the flexibility to continue being a stay home mom to my kids in their formative years.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Having a go at blogging....again

ok, this is probably the 3rd time i'm doing this....i luv the writing part, but i'm really not the typical computer savvy person. 

the idea of having to "find my way around" & learning  how to "decorate" my blog, really puts me off, hm....but, i guess i'll just do this one step at a time, learn one thing at a time....eventually, i'll get to the top of the mountain, as long as i continue trudging on

philosophical me speakin again! 

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