Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What to name this Pearl Necklace???

Love this beautiful double strand pearl necklace! But, cant quite decide what to name it, b4 i put it up for sale in my shop.

I've thought of "Little Mermaid", cus of the colour combination, n pearls will naturally bring to mind the sea, beach....or water. These keishi pearls are paired with amazonite beads, n swarovski crystals adds an extra bling to it.
If you have a suggestion, feel free to drop a line...thanks!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Lesson from a Fisherman

My husband was telling me of a cute Japanese website he saw, where this company just sells square cloths, all for the purpose of packaging. 

I went over (to his blog) to take a look, n as I scrolled down, I saw this "post", and it caught my attention n got me reading.
Such simple truth, n we find ourselves getting so caught up with life, making money, or busy with whatever else there is, n yet totally missing the point.
This lesson from the fisherman, reminds me to be thankful that I can do what I love doing, n be home for my kids too. Many other parents I know, who are older n more experienced than me often adviced me "Enjoy them while they are at this age" (my kids are 4 n 1/2 yrs, and 15mth)
I'll take that advice, n do just that! 

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Popoh Made This Dress for Me!!!

I finally let Natalie wear the dress my mom (her popoh) made for her ;) We realized, its a bit short, though by right, if she's up n walking it falls perfectly above her knee...but, since she cant walk yet (only cruising, n if held by someone) its really too short, as she's either crawling, or being carried by us, n the short dress only exposes her diapers! lol...

Her doctor just told me yesterday, that she's considered underweight for her age (almost 15mths) at 8.5 kg. Not that I'm not aware of it, she's such a fussy eater, n dont drink much milk as well...*sigh*
But he assures me that as long as she's healthy n active, dont fall sick easily, then I shouldnt worry too much of Natalie being 1-2kg short of the average weight. ;)
Anyways, I may sell the 3 dresses in my etsy shop, The Laughing House ...still thinking abt it, n cant quite decide on how much to price them. Let me know if u have any suggestions...Thanks!

Monday, February 18, 2008

MORE Fabric Suppliers!!!

I stumbled upon OBLINAKNIT's blog and asked where she got her supplies. She generously shared where she got her treasures, & I end up joining a fabric co-op of which she's also a part of.

Hopefully I'll be able to source for great bargains of cute or elegant pieces for my mom's pouches/purses and hopefully bags in the future ;)
Here are a few shops which has great selection, & I especially love those by Joel Dewberry!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Comment, Advice, Critisize...& WIN!!!

This may be lengthy, so I'm giving away the top 3 "Winners" who post here a Cloisonne Pendant of their choice worth USD10.00 from my shop. (Ps. Its on 20% discount now, so price shown is USD8.00)

What you have to do:
Visit my online shop WINNIEL, and

1. Choose 1 (more items are welcome too) piece of jewelry that you like best, n comment why.
2. Critisize (be honest, but lets have it "constructively")
3. Give me some personal opinion or advice, on how I can do better.
4. Share your personal preference on jewelry: style, price, designs etc....anything ;)

I'll choose 3 winners, based on your answers (not necessarily the best sounding ones) and contact you via email, or thru your blog, etsy shops etc... so that u can choose your  pendant, and I'll have it shipped to you within the nx 3 days ;)

Have fun, lets share some tips here, n everyone gets to learn something together. 

Thank You!!!
Winniel ♥

PS: pls leave your answers in the comments section of this post.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Chained Melody

Here's the 2nd piece of bracelet which I mentioned abt in yesterday's posting. Initially I was quite hesitant to post this up for sale, as its made entirely of sterling silver chain, findings and clasp.

The price is not cheap, but I think they are affordable, given its quality. I've seriously thought abt it often, sticking to sterling silver, or using plated findings...and often caught in a dilemma, giving the best quality, or something that is more affordable for everyone.
My conclusion is, I cant please everyone! I'm happy to be reconciled to this "truth" now, and be at peace abt it :) So, as I mentioned in yesterday's (or previous) posts, I'll work on creating something that's truly and uniquely MY style (whatever that is! excuse me, I'm still finding my and the quality that I want for MY own personal jewelries.

Finding MY Etsy Niche

I was wondering the same thing these few days, as I took a backburner, after creating 2 pieces of bracelets, n thought in retrospect, which direction do I really wanna go with my jewelries.

Up to this moment, I've just been creating haphazardly, with no particular theme or "whatever" in mind. But, after "chatting" with a few other sellers, n browsing thru books, I seem to have a clearer idea, least I know what I really like, perhaps its TIME that I start making something just for myself, tailored to my personal style, n wear it...n not make something  with "customer in mind" lol...

When I came across this article by TortillaGirl, I'm quite encouraged, n inspired, to do what I wana do, what I like to do, and just be true to myself :)

Btw, this article features one of my favourite etsy seller, ELSITA. The print above is one of her works, titled Los Ojos del Corazon (meaning: The Eyes of the Heart - in Spanish)

Happy Reading! I hope this will shed some light on your situation too, if you are anywhere in the same boat as me ;)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Passion Revived!!!

As I mentioned few days ago, I've been on some creating "dry spell" for quite sometime now...n thought i've lost the "steam" to create new jewelry

Surprisingly, I had a sudden urge n ideas going thru my mind of necklaces, n bracelets to make! Now, thats good news for my WINNIEL's shop I guess...but bad news for my pocket (hopefully, its temporary) as I'll need to shop for more beads! 
Some months ago, I've decided not to make new necklaces or bracelets, due to the high costs they incur, as I only use sterling silver findings for all my pieces. However a friend in church, who's also a jewelry designer herself told me, to consider switching to rhodium plated findings, as they are long lasting, and I've also read somewhere, that they are highly tarnish resistant!
The plus factor is, they cost only a fraction of their sterling silver counterpart! I may, or may not...or simply strike a balance in between...I'll play by ear... again ;)
One thing for sure is, you'll definitely see more necklaces n bracelets being listed in my shop again ;)
Here's one to whet your appetite...a simple bracelet made up of beautiful handmade lampwork beads, paired with light blue spacer beads from another etsy seller, Sheltie. I love this piece, n has been trying it on, again...and again! I used a rhodium plated ball clasp for this, hence its so much more affordable compared to my other bracelets :D Hope you'll love this piece too!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Natalie's Dress

My mom made 3 dresses for Natalie (my 14 mth old daughter) , however they are not quite "my type" of dress for my little girl (if you know what I mean??) lol... actually I should take the pictures of them on Natalie, then it'll be easier to vizualize ;) she looks really cute n adorable in them!

These dresses are very well made btw ;) Its just that betwn me n my mom, we seems to "clash" in regard to our taste n preference...hehe...but its really hard to put it across to her gently without hurting her feelings... after all, these are all her labour of love to me, and Natalie.

Thank you so much Mom! We Love You!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blue Lava

I've been on a "dry spell" for quite sometime now, n finally managed to work on a new pair of earring ;) BLUE LAVA ... so named, cus of the turquoise swirl on the beads, which really reminds of me lava, in blue. 

I've wanted to make a bracelet out of these beads, which I got from a another etsy friend BEADSYOUNEED, but decided to work on this earring instead ;)

Perhaps, when new inspiration strikes, I'll be able to produce more eye-catching pieces, enough to make WINNIEL a pretty shop again. Thanks for faithfully following up on my works! :D

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year!!!

As a child, I used to dread the Lunar New Year cus I was always forced to wear dresses I dont like wearing, visit relatives whom I hardly know, n still more relatives coming to our house hanging around for long hours despite being totally bored.

Now that I'm grown up with my own kids, those early aversion towards this festival has somewhat diminished considerably. I enjoy the fact that we can now have our own family reunion dinner :) ... splurge on some delicacies with the mindset of "its only once a year" haha...:D

I still dont like house visiting, but my husband feels its important to do this, cus we want to impart the importance of family (friends) ties to our kids when they are grown up.

Today is the first day of the Year of the Rat, and we've visited his cousin here...may visit my boarding house Aunty nx, n perhaps a friend or two over the nx few days. I can enjoy it a bit more now... perhaps as a result of a change in my attitude. I once read a quote, that the fiercest battle actually takes place in the mind. How true.

Anyways, here's wishing all Chinese, A Happy, Safe & Prosperous New Year!!!

from the Jubilee Family

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Envelope Purse (aka Card Case Holder)

Now, here's another custom order by a customer who wants a small purse that can double up as a card case holder. This special request was for her mom whose hands has little strength now, n finds it hard to open a purse with a snap button. 

So, she wants something small, with a flap that closes with velcro. This is the fabric she chose from my store ;)
I called my mom the nx day, n described what my customer wants, telling her to just model a purse after an " envelope" hehe...
And she did! Here is the result, plus few others she made in different fabrics :)

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