Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My NEW Banner :)

I was involved in an online game some days ago, n gotten WILDMAGIC, a shop that makes custom graphics banner...which is perfect for me, as I needed a new banner for this blog which combines my 2 shops, WINNIEL & THE LAUGHING HOUSE :)

I'm pretty happy with the result. 

However there are still lots that I wanna do with this blog, like adding wallpapers etc....but I'm not that technically advanced, n have no idea how to add that, n many more that I'd like to "decorate" this blog with! hehe...

If you know how to do it, n dont mind teaching me, feel free to contact me n show me how to do it...your guidance will be very much appreciated :D


Friday, March 21, 2008

Wholesale Possibilities & Flickr

Every now & then, I'll get retailers asking me for wholesale possibilities for my mom's purse, pouches n bible covers. Its really wonderful, except that none of those enquiries have yet to materialize to real opportunities.

Gotta be patient, n keep making new & wonderful pieces I guess :) I have confidence in my mom's workmanship,  as well as the designs n materials which I choose n pick personally.

For the time being, I'm trying to update as many of my latest jewelries as well as my mom's items on my flickr page, so that prospective buyers can still see them even though they are not yet listed in my shops :D

I've had one "admin" staff from Accessory Trends on Flickr who requested to have my pearl n amazonite necklace Ariel added to the group! That was really a boost to me :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

More NEW Pouches in these Fabrics!

For those of you who've been "anxiously" waiting for my mom's new pouches, (lol...) they are here finally!!! But, I'm spacing out listing them all, cus its really a lot of them! (& I cant finish photographing them in a single session)

Mostly 3 in 1 Organizer pouches, Bible Covers, Paw Me Coin Pouches, Envelope Purses & a NEW Key/Coin Purse thats really compact & tiny ♥
These are some samples of the fabrics used for them :) Feel free to let me know if you wish to see the ready of product of whichever category that interests you (if they are not up in my shop yet)

PLS note: Some of the fabrics pictures I put up here are courtesy of Oriental Fabrics (those that I bought from her), the rest are my own pictures of Japanese Fabrics I bought locally at my own supplier.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally, another Necklace :)

I love making jewelries, n necklaces are really a joy to put together. Its strange though, how I find it so hard to just sit down n get started, hehe...

I just love going thru my beads supply boxes, n running through all the beads I have...& simply getting excited at what I can make out of them! It really does take a certain amt of discipline to really work on those ideas.. :)
Whoever sees this piece, I hope you'll like this. This is a really simple piece to put together, n nothing fanciful...yet I love this! 

BTW, its named "Howlite Rings" as its made entirely out of Howlite beads ;) I dont find the name quite suitable, but decided to go ahead with it for now.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My New Earrings ;)

I've accumulated so much supplies over the months, & with each new buys will have me coming up with a new design to work on....BUT, I'm always procrastinating, n the supplies just kept mounting! hehe...:P

So, I picked out the beads n pieces for various projects to put aside so that once I'm free & "in the mood" I can work on them immediately :D
I'm happy to have worked on 4 new earrings n 1 necklace within 2 days, & here are a presentation of 2 of them (first) featuring Freshwater Pearls in a long vine-like cluster, and a black Swarovski Briolette paired with a unique Bali Silver Earhook with Carnelian embedded on it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I Do :) I remembered, as a kid, I'll go to the stationery department, n browse through every cute pretty little things....n I wish my parents will buy the whole department!

That is definitely wishful thinking on my part...haha...
But now that I have my own shop, some of that childhood "ambition" is slowly coming to reality, as I can stock up as much of these cuties as I like without feeling too guilty... :D

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Do U Watch Martha Stewart?

I dont ;) but, lately I've been hearing news on the etsy forum, that Rob (etsy's founder) will be on Martha Stewart show!, thats something that I definitely wont wanna miss! But being in Singapore, n not quite the follower of Stewart's show, I was clueless when to catch that program. Fortunately, a fellow seller who's a friend & customer of mine Ellochka sent me the link today ;)
I'm really impressed by Rob & Etsy... even had this strange feeling of PRIDE like it was my alma-mater being featured! haha...
Not that Etsy is anything like that to me, but I've felt so at home & welcomed there ever since I joined. So, just like the million other Etsy sellers, I believe... seeing Rob featured, & Etsy highlighted in such a high profile show really made ordinary ppl (self-representing artists & crafters) like us feel encouraged to tread on even when the going seems tough sometimes (often times)
Here's a cheer, & a toast to you Rob...n of course :) ETSY ♥

PS: This photo was taken by SweetestPea, which is also the photo used by The Storque writer Caleb Walt

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