Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2nd Batch of Designer Fabrics

This is my 2nd batch of designer fabrics that I ordered lately (Robert Kaufman, Alexander Henry & Paris Bebe) I'm so excited seeing all of these beautiful fabrics, & have eyed 3 pieces for my personal use (no prize for guessing, but no harm trying, hehe...:P ) ... I'm still working out details of labour cost etc with my mom, since she's the "hands" behind all the wonderful creations in THE LAUGHING HOUSE.

I dont know how to sew, but am contented (for the time being) to be sourcing for fabrics, looking out for new interesting designs etc to "make" for future projects. Hopefully, in 3 years time, i'll be "released" with enough time on my hands to seriously take up sewing, hehe...well, until then!

Little Paris Girls

Heart to Heart (Black & Pink)

Lily Espresso

Red Lily Manzanita

Noguchi Black

Pink Kyoto

Blue Kyoto

Brown Panda Print
Yui Kokeshi Sage 

Very Berry in Cocoa

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NEW Designer Fabrics!!!

I'm excited to receive my new batch of designer fabrics by Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry & Anna Marrie. They are really beautiful in person, & I'm working closely with my mom on new designs and combinations for future projects such as mini handbags, shoulder bags & totes :) 

The first batch of these new "projects" should be ready and up for sale in THE LAUGHING HOUSE not later than July 2008 (hopefully!) hehe...

I also plan to make trip personally to Jakarta, to buy matching supplies for these bags. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas/designs which you'd like to custom order from us :) I'm really excited abt this "new" venture & cant wait to see the finished products of what has been playing around in my mind for the past month or so!

Fresh Poppies in Fuchsia

Acanthus in Duck Egg (Orange & Aqua)

Corriander (Yellow & Aqua)

Chocolate Lollipop (Aqua)

Chocolate Lollipop (Pink)

Aviary in Cream (Almond)

Sunburst in Dark Brown

Aviary in Pink

Corriander in Pink

Henna Paisley in Fuchsia

Friday, April 25, 2008

Time Out for Mom & Me :)

A Pretty Daisy brighten up our small white table :)

My mom lives in Indonesia, and will come over to Singapore to visit us every half a year....and each visit, she'll stay for around a month or two (max).
During her stay here, she'll help me do the ironing....laundry, cooking, almost everything huh?? hehe...yea I feel that I have plenty of time on my hands whenever she comes over :)
Both of us are trying to "restore" our relationship, which has been pretty bumpy in recent years. Everyone who sees my mom around always tells me, how fortunate I am, that she's here to help me....& I in turn will smile sweetly & agree. 
I really do :) n tell myself, to bring her out from time to time, just for a "Me & Mom" time together. This is one of those times, that I brought her out for a special dining out (lunchtime, while my husband is home with the kids) at one of my latest favourite restaurant in Raffles City, "Season's Reasons".
Lunch was great, ambience was awesome n relaxing...and we had a few hours of "shopping therapy" after that, topped up with an ice cream treat b4 heading home :) 
When was the last time you brought your Mom out for a special treat?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Treasure Finds

The total "Finds" lol...

Beautiful Labradorite faceted ovals, with its awesome shimmery blue/ name it!
Kyanite beads, mixed shapes n sizes...I'll probably work on a bracelet with these :)
Amazonite cubes, great idea for a necklace huh? *grin*
Look what I've got from my 1st serious online shopping! As I mentioned previously, I'm going to stock up on supplies from online shops while the USD is weak (well perhaps even in the future when its stronger)...Might as well turn the "bleak" situation to our advantage right? :)
From this shopping "spree" I had my hands on Labradorite, Amazonite & Kyanites...3 of my hottest favourites of the moment! Oh la la...
I realized that buying online really saves me lots of time, n even money as well, provided I buy fact, i believe this is little compared to what others are doing. I found this shop, Pandahall as recommended by a fellow Etsian, Nature Autumn. The prices there are really amazing!!! However, you really have to buy by the kilos...haha....unless I have a warehouse, or am a seriously rising star in the handmade jewelry scene, I better settle from buying in strands for now.
Count your blessings.... Amen! lol

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Weak USD= Shopping Spree

I've been wanting to withdraw my paypal money for quite sometime now, but kept holding back as I watched in dismay the dwindling of the greenback...*sigh*

Thats life, nothing is predictable anymore. If what the experts are saying is anything to count for, we can expect this situation to continue (n probably worsen) over the nx few months to a year.

So, I've decided that, rather than withdrawing my paypal money at a loss (conversion from USD to S$) I might as well use it to shop online, which turns out to be such a fun "spree" hehe...

I've bought tons of beading supplies lately, namely amazonite, labradorites, kyanites  & other gemtstones that i've been "coveting" for a long time now :) SO, you'll start to see them in WINNIEL pretty soon!

Few days ago, I've also bought 5yards worth of designer fabrics, by Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry to name a few...and today, I've found another shop that carries more variety, & I found myself falling in love all over again at these new (to me) designers such as Alexandra Hendry & the new Alhambra series...*drool*

You'll see more of my mom's creations, namely 3in1 organizer pouches, n hopefully totes, shoulder bags, n mini handbags in these fabrics :D

Watch OUT!!! lol...

(Wish I can upload the pictures, but somehow I'm unable'll have to wait for them to reach me b4 i can take their pics....Be patient :) )

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sweet Posy Anyone???

I've been wanting to make a dangling earring for a long time now, n intended to name it BLACK DIAMOND, but somehow cant get myself motivated enough to work on it.

I ended up making another bracelet, SWEET POSY given its sweet and gentle looking nature :)

You'll probably see me work on more bracelets in the weeks to come ♥

Saturday, April 12, 2008

3 in 1 Organizer Pouches

I named these 3 in 1 organizer pouches, cus it opens up to 3 compartments, PLUS 2 mini ones in between!
I've been really slack in taking pictures lately,...n having delayed for so long, I think its a good idea to put all of these together in one single picture :D

They'll be put up for sale in my shop along the way (after i'm done taking all the pictures) In the meantime, feel free to let me know if you wish to reserve any of these here, cus only 1 is available each (except for the mushroom fabric ones: 2 in stock)

Made cleverly by my mom, these 3 in 1 organizer pouches are great for travelling (eg. to put passports, airtickets, different currencies, impt documents, and make up set :) )

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Moon Walk

Here's my latest piece, MOON WALK. So named, cus of its sleek look created by its black agate tube beads paired with sterling silver disc beads in satin finish.

Those discs reminds me of mini UFOs, hehe...
What I have in mind originally, was to pair these black tubes with Bali Silver discs that are much larger, n pointed to create a dramatic effect. But, I'm unable to find those after searching high and low for, I've settled on these "mini-UFOs" to complete the look, and I must say it turned out beautifully!
Hope you'll love this piece too! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dont Be Discouraged! Keep up the faith, & the good WORK! :)

Sometime ago, I was feeling a bit discouraged with the slow sales in all of my shops, and being down with severe flu, with my 2kids down as well, with "variation" of hand foot mouth disease doesnt help at all!

And somehow, God was reminding me, abt a "debt" long due my mom. I've told her the previous month, that I wanna start contributing to her monthly needs again, now that my husband has started working again, after abt 2yrs of unemployment.
So, I decided to give her the "token of appreciation" without further delay (for the month of March & April) It wasnt much, but it was from my heart, & she was appreciative too.
The next day, I was so pleasantly surprised, to see 5 sales in  The Laughing House, from 1 single person in Canada! I was still praising God n thanking Him for that on the nx day, when I realized that I've sold Chained Melody for USD 55.00 ! I was totally over the moon over these sales 1 day after another :))) Especially since it involved one of my higher priced item.

I felt that God was showing me, that He cares for what I'm going thru, n understands, n wanna bless me. But my walking in His principle of giving, simply activates his floodgates of blessing on me.  This incident made me realize, that He can do anything for me, n what seems impossible for me, is just a mere command away for Him. It's amazing...n this helped to lift up my discouragement, to continue working on new pieces when the inspiration strikes :) n not worry too much abt having sales, cus God will take care of my needs n bless me, so that I can be a blessing to the people around me as well.

Praise God!

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