Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Signed up for PPP!!!

I'm always amazed whenever I read abt how other ppl earned money simply by blogging, as advertizers will  come knocking n offer them to write for them!

Well, I just found out such a site (literally!) Its Pay Per Post (PPP), where you can actually blog abt the things you love (ideally, lol) and get paid! Isnt that cool? :)
The main reason I started blogging, was as a form of advertorial for my online shops. One day, I read abt PPP in Etsy forum, from Fray Baby, who just signed up with this site, and in a short span has alrd pocketed $60 (yes, for bloggging!)
That intrigued me enough to check out the site, n sign up for it. Well, my blog has now been approved, and all I have to do, is lookout for "blogging opportunities" 
Being a stay home mom, my main source of personal income is mainly through my online shops, WINNIEL & The Laughing House. So having this newfound opportunity to write advertorial for other products aside from my own, is really quite an exciting new venture for me! I believe it'll be a new learning curve & challenge, which I'll gladly take on to see how far, or how feasible can this be for me. 
If I can earn a decent income from my online shops, n blogging, then I can continue being a stay home mom, n do the things I love doing, and get paid at the same time! WOW :)))
To "top it up" this is definitely a great way to network & make new friends. As in my case, I had to ask for some guidance from Fray Baby regarding some technical issue on getting the links up in my post, lol... And, I bet that as more ppl check out my site, or PPP, many others (like myself facing initial trouble n questions) may end up asking me for direction :)

All in, I think this is a GREAT idea! Don't you agree?

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Custom Order: Bible Covers

Here are more picture of custom bible covers that my mom made recently :)

A bible cover with handles. Looked pretty n very handy indeed! ;)

A very sweet looking cover, with Japanese fabric (Kimono Prints)

I love this one! With Yui Kokeshi (Sage) fabric, this cover was custom made for a customer who wanted to use it as her Journal Cover :) I think this turned out so cool ;)

How it looks like from the inside of the cover. I used the book  "Anna & Mr God" to take the picture for this cover.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Custom Order: CD Visor

I won the bid at Etsy's Alchemy for making a CD Visor for a customer, & here's the final product! :) Prior to this, I have no idea what  CD Visor is, but thanks to this customer who is willing to give me a chance, The Laughing House has now a new product line to boast about! ;)

She chose this fabric (Aviary in Pink, by Joel Dewberry) from my latest batch of 20 designer fabrics.

I gave her the choice of using straps with velcro instead of the usual rubber bands, which I personally finds boring :P  & she allowed me to go with the idea.

I passed on the idea to my mom, & asked her to make it "removable".  A main concern for me is, that this strap at 15" is not long enough. But after checking with my customer, she said the length is fine :) *phew*

This is how it looks like from the side. :) Now are you enticed? *grin*

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Latest Spoil

Check out my latest spoil! Large Amethyst stones, & chips, Freshwater Pearl coin drops, tiny Amazonite beads, Garnets, Iolites & Red Czech Beads!

Oh, & tiny Moonstone beads as well ;)

I got these Red Czech Beads for a friend, who wanted me to custom make a simple red necklace for her. However, given my nature, I cant be shopping for just 2 types of beads at a beadstore without being enticed by the hoards of beauties "calling out" to me! lol....Yea, so I gave in to their desperate calls for "adoption" hehe...

Wished I had gotten more round freshwater pearls though, I'm in a sudden mood to do simple knotted necklace! ;) Perhaps on my nx purchase then.... 

My fav for this buy, is the very sweet rectangle faceted Light Amethyst beads, Coin Drop Freshwater Pearls, Iolite, and the tiny pearl strand. Beautiful!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mother's Day at T3

My mom (the hands behind all the cute pouch & purse you see in The Laughing House) went back to Indonesia on Mother's Day (11th May) and we all went to the airport to send her off. We'll all miss her, especially the children, Hans & Natalie. 

Natalie was quiet & getting drowsy after saying her bye-byes, and we all decided to move on to Terminal 3 as my brother, whom we hardly go out together with decides to go for some coffee & tour around T3. 

The view into the waiting lounge inside T3. I couldn't resist taking this shot from the 2nd floor, near the waving gallery. I think Singapore Changi Airport is pretty cool! ;)

This is where we finally decide to "settle down" for some coffee. A delightful corner (TCC) with hardly any soul around, haha....and Harris Bookstore is just in front of it! Hans & me had a goodtime browsing thru the books and magazine there, while my bro just sat there with his tea & read his morning paper. Natalie was sound asleep...Zzz....and my husband Layminto also enjoyed a quiet & relaxed morning there.

It was actually this (I dont know what to call this) black "chandelier" lights that actually drew me to this cafe, & was really delighted to see my brother alrd  inside and enquiring a table for us :) All in all, it was a really good & relaxing Sunday for the family, on Mother's day. (Ironically, my mom spend the most part of that day alone, as she travels back home to Bogor, Indonesia) And she'll also have to start getting busy immediately, as we have quite a lot of custom orders to catch up on. Well, The Laughing House definitely wont be where it is today without her! Thank you so much Mom :) & once again, Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Taking NEW pictures of OLD pieces :)

I've ran out of things to photograph lately, however... the sun shone gloriously this afternoon that I couldnt resist taking out my camera :) & I decided, that its high time, I retake the pictures of my older pieces in my shop!
I only had time to take a few pictures of 2 necklaces, but am glad I took the chance to do so. I believe, these new pictures are brighter, & more flattering, compared to the older ones (dont gasp! some were taken at night! lol...) which appeared dark, and really not "popping" up well enough to entice buyers, hehe...
Well, hopefully these new pictures will do them justice, n lets hope they'll be "adopted" soon! Yeah!!!
PS: I'll retake ALL of my older pieces (esp those taken at night! haha...:P)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting My Momentum Back

Midnight Hue, so named cus of its sombre grey overtone. An elegant piece of bracelet made with 2 of my favourite gemstones (of the moment) Labradorite & Kyanite!

However, the stones has a beautiful iridescence when viewed at different angle, its really lovely ;)

Amazon Trail, a matinee length necklace measuring 21.5"
made with Amazonite cubes, & Sterling Silver  large oval chain with an awesome Elephant Clasp (also in sterling silver)

I've "lost", my momentum I mean! During this past 1 month that my mom's here, she has taken over the kitchen, laundry...household, even the kids! Not really complaining, since it gives me more "time" hehe...
But, it's strange... that when I have more time on my hands, I tend to lose my routine, and along with it, my momentum. She's going back this Sunday, so I better start warming up again ;) *flex fingers*...* flex*flex*
As mentioned in previous post & WINNIEL's shop announcement, I've risen from my (jewelry making) non-productivity, and am proud to introduce 2 of my latest piece, Midnight Hue & Amazon Trail :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Re-starting Your Engine

I chose the name HARMONY, as the entire piece blends perfectly together, 
with a calm & peaceful demeanor that signifies a harmonious relationship

I've been busy promoting THE LAUGHING HOUSE, and taking up new custom orders (b4 my mom goes back to Indonesia) that I've left WINNIEL in the cold.
So, I made up my mind to really start working on new pieces soon, else I'll never get round to it. I prepared the materials I want to work with, and have the designs in mind alrd, and...this morning, I managed to create 3 new pieces! Feel quite happy with 2 of them, but not the 3rd, so I'll probably dismantle it, n put it back into my supply stash.
Here's one to whet your appetite with : HARMONY

Check back here soon, as I plan to work on a new necklace with labradorite, amazonite, n kyanite...not quite decided if I'll use all of them though, hehe...but definitely one of those :)  till then...

Friday, May 2, 2008

Adieu, Sweet Ariel ♥

Ariel in her Jewery Box b4 being sent off

Adieu, literally means "to God" ...farewell, as in to eternity. Sounds melancholic? hehe...however, its with proud & happy sentiment that I'm sending Ariel off to a sweet customer in USA. She told me, that she did a search for a light blue necklace (on etsy), and found ARIEL as the best looking piece! (This, after going through 72 pages worth of search) 

Sales over at WINNIEL has been slowing to a crawl lately, & I've not been creating any new pieces for quite sometime now. So, this is a perfect booster at a great timing which'll help me to keep up the HOPE, that buyers out there are indeed looking for wonderful pieces of jewelries, AND... willing to pay the price too! :)

I'm pleased to know that my buyer will be wearing ARIEL to her daughter's beach wedding ♥  Makes me feel like the proud Mommy of ARIEL who has done her part in preparing her for her "life's calling"... haha..:P

Anyways, well done ARIEL, and...adieu!

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