Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pink Kyoto & Yui Kokeshi

Organizer Clutch Wristlet in Pink Kyoto, when opened up.

As the fabric has very large prints/designs on it, using it to make a medium sized item like this wristlet ends up with different designs/patterns/flavour at every turn! ;) Not for the faint-hearted! lol...

Organizer Clutch Wristlet in Yui Kokeshi Pink. 

Here are 2 of our latest batch of custom orders, made with designer fabrics Pink Kyoto & Yui Kokeshi Pink respectively. When I was shopping for the fabrics, I was immediately drawn by Blue Kyoto, and decided to get the Pink version as well. 

To my suprise, it was not that highly sought after all (contrary to what I believed initially). Perhaps, many people thought that my purses/pouch are small/medium in size, and will not be able to fit in all the designs in that fabric.... which is true :)

However, I'm amazed at how each pieces turned out! Organizer clutch, 3in1 Purse etc...each made with the same fabric, but having a distinctively different "flavour"! ;) Some will be showing the Japanese temple as the focal design, others will be showing Sakura blossoms as the leading character. I'm truly impressed at how a finished product can change the way I look at certain fabrics.

Yui Kokeshi on the other hand, was highly popular from the very 1st time my customers saw it. It's got cute traditional Japanese characters on it. But I suspect, its not so much the fabric design that are drawing people to it. But, the fact that I used that initial completed custom order as the main pictures I put up for subsequent custom orders, hence the greater exposure as well.
This allows potential customers the opportunity to view a completed version of their custom orders with that particular fabric. Most are actually taking a risk, when they choose a certain fabric, without seeing how it'll turn out as a completed item.

My suspicion was proved right, as one by one, the "less popular" fabric like Pink Kyoto, Chocolate Lollipop in Pink/Aqua suddenly became hot favourites, once pictures of completed items were added onto my FLICKR account

The point I'm trying to make is:
- Go with your own personal taste! 
- Choose the fabric that catches your attention, which you "fell in love with, at first sight".
- Take a risk ;)

Chances are, you'll really love your custom order & be totally happy with your new purse/bible cover etc, that's totally YOU!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Make Your Eyes POP!

It's high time I feature another of my favourite shop on Etsy, POPKO ;) This talented glass artist was one of the people I noticed when I was very new at the community. I vaguely remembered reading in the forum, of how she packages her item, for an added personal touch. I was impressed, and ventured on to her shop.

Her tagline is : "Make Your Eyes Pop!" hehe....clever, and so true! I was instantly attracted by all the colours, vibrancy & boldness featured in her pendants! That was also the beginning of a new love relationship I had with glass beads/pendants etc. 

Though I've yet to buy from her, I was slowly "hoarding" my own glass treasures, mainly beads & pendants ;) Which I've incorporated in some of my older designs. 

I may not be dabbling much into glass beads at the moment, but I knew that I've enjoyed the fun (though brief) encounter I had with them :) And, definitely impressed with all glass artists who can fuse glass rods of different colours into something so beautiful! Well Done PoPkO!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Coined Edition

Two of my latest pieces, using Freshwater (Coin) Pearls this time round. I've had these coin pearls for quite sometime now, but simply cant quite decide what to do with them. Until few days ago, when I opened up my "Pearl Box" and start imagining what could be...

Well, I didnt procrastinate, and decide to work on the matching necklace/earring set design I have in mind right away. Else, all the ideas will just come and go, and not a single piece accomplished!

These necklace/earring set still falls under my current "bridal jewelries" series, which I may continue working on for the time being. And yes, as you've probably guessed, I'll be "playing" around with more pearls and fine(99.9) or sterling(92.5) silver ;)

I started with the earring, which didnt take very long at all. When it comes to the necklace, I realized how much work it's going to take me, and I nearly backed out,...hehe...obviously, I didnt ;) Imagine, putting together 56 tiny freshwater pearls for the clusters! And I'd wanted to start off with 72 or 80 pieces, lol... very ambitious indeed!

Anyways, I'm happy with the final result, and was pleased to receive compliments about it. Thank you, to all of you who've seen it, and loved it :) & bothered to tell me too!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Four New Fabric Designs

Breeze Lei Floral - Ginger Blossom

Breeze Vintage Dots - Ginger Blossom

Breeze Blossom Buds - Ginger Blossom

Black-Eyed Susan Stripe Forest Mix

Lots of my customers has been asking if I'm ordering new fabrics soon, well I just did...a whole 12 yards of them! But they are mostly the ones already available in my FLICKR account.

Yui Kokeshi in Black/Pink/Sage has been highly popular, so I'm ordering more yardage of those this time round as well :D

For those of you who cant wait to see the new ones, here are the pictures to whet your appetite ;) 


*PS: Photos used with permission, courtesy of Catylou Quilts. Thank You ;)

Friday, July 18, 2008

All in a Day's Work (My Workstation)

I've been wanting to post my "workstation" for quite sometime, but has kept delaying it... telling myself that I'll do it after I have tidied things up a bit.

Few days ago, I managed to buy the transparent plastic drawers (to the left & under the table). Those drawers really does wonders in clearing up the mess that has piled upwards on my table, under & the side of the table, hehe...

To me, its quite a transformation indeed! Too bad, I didnt manage to snap a picture of how my table looked "originally" haha..:P else, it'll make a good BEFORE/AFTER pictures :)

Every 3 weeks, new batch of custom order items will reach me. This will spell a few (more than usual) busy days for me, as I need to:
- sort them out, ensure everything is in perfect condition & according to customer's specifications.
- inform customers that their orders are ready.
- take their pictures
- pack them up for shipment.
- off to the Post Office (usually on Wednesdays or Saturdays)

Some of the newly packed items.

Once everything is shipped out, my table will be back to how it looked like in the first picture. Well...almost ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Etsy Front Page Treasury

This page was on the ETSY front page, a treasury curated by Moyou showcasing items from different sellers. I like the plain & neutral colour scheme, and the beautiful items in it. Too bad, I'm still not quite sure how to do a screenshot properly, so that I can post a larger /clearer picture.

Give me time, I'll try to do it better nx time :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Simply Knotted

I've been wanting to do a fully knotted pearl necklace for the longest time, and finally managed to sit down, and complete a project :D Made a matching earring to go along too!

This set will go along my current "Bridal Themed" jewelries, and I'll faithfully stick to Pearls & Silver (for now) though I cant quite resist adding  Swarovski Donut Crystals in Golden Shadow and tiny Fine Silver beads in between, for added "bling".

Overall look, is still simple, and a classic pearl necklace that EVERY girl should have in her jewelry box! (haha...:P) And btw, do u know that a knotted technique is really the traditional way to make a Pearl Necklace? The knots in between each pearls ensure that should your necklace "tears", ALL your pearls will remain intact, and not a single one lost, as they are individually knotted. Yes, its for that "in-case" situations :D

This applies especially to high quality pearls, which you wont want losing a single bead, over some freak accident! hehe...

So, a fully knotted pearl necklace is precious indeed :D as shops nowadays use the easy way out, simply by stringing all the pearls onto a stringing wire, n completing the job in minutes. The knots in between each pearls also sets a comfortable "space" in between each pearls, to prevent them from rubbing against each other, and preventing  them from "eroding" too quickly, as they are after all, organic material. For me, I really like the looks of the knots in between.... it just gives a very classy touch, and acts as a platform for the pearls to be really "highlighted" & set apart from each other.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Little Bird Told Me...

Wistful Nuthatch- Collage (photo courtesy of BirdNerd)

Common Chaffinch (photo courtesy of BirdNerd)

I chanced upon this shop few months back, and really loved the mixed media works of this artist! In fact, BIRD NERD has become one of my fav-d shop, which I may end up getting something from, in the future :)

We are hoping to be able to buy a new home for us in less than a year's time, & perhaps after  settling down, I can indulge in a few art pieces from Etsy? hehe... I'll showcase some of my favourite shops/items here from time to time. Well, we'll start off with 2 favourite pieces from Bird Nerd for now... depending on the colour of the room, the Wistful Nuthatch will sit pretty in the main living room &  having the Common Chaffinch in the master bedroom will be lovely, don't you agree?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

For The Radiant Bride

Custom order for one of my customer, a BRIDE-TO-BE!

She loved my Pearl Petal Earring for its "vintage" look, but would like to have the length & "dangle" effect slightly enhanced. So we decided to add the clusters above it. She absolutely loves it! I'm glad... :)

Was looking through my stocks, and have various ideas... but not quite in the mood to create something more time consuming. So, I decided to quickly "pull one off" with this simple, clean cut design, Oval Moon.

And this Origami Pearl Earring, really has its Origami Fine Silver bead to thank. Some has alrd commented on its "ketupat" (malay rice dumpling) look, haha...yes, its unglamorous other name! But, isnt she a darling?

Yes indeed! These are made for The Radiant Bride in mind :) As I put up in my shop's announcement, I'll be working on a series of Bridal Jewelry for the time being. I'm just so in love with the Pearl/Silver combo for now, & would like to "trim" down on my designs to something simpler & much more clean cut (even though most of my designs arent that elaborate to begin
So, if you are looking for new vibrant & exciting colours in my shop, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed, this cream/silver combo will stay for a while yet... until I ran out of ideas/inspiration, or simply get bored with them, b4 moving on to another "season" & style.  In fact, I have in mind to re-create my older pieces, with this pearl/silver combo. Be on the lookout for them! :)))

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Previous Batch of Custom Orders

I re-arranged them in the box again after taking them out, & inspecting them, hehe...

The previous batch came in a condition that says: "I've gone thru 3 days of hardship in transit..." So this time round, I requested that my mom send me these in a box, so that they'll be more "comfortable".  They did looked cozy together after the 3 days journey, & looked as fresh as "from the oven"! haha...:D

I tried to arrange them nicely for a group photo. But its quite difficult getting everyone in, as this one is quite a big group! So, I'll have to settle for a double-snap. And actually, I suspect some are really camera shy...

Not everyone's here, get the idea :)

Just received the previous batch of custom orders today... *phew*  It's fun & exciting yes, and quite a load off my mind. Especially since my customers can get their long awaited orders soon  :)
To my mom, she said its like the "olden" days, when my parents used to run their own shoe/sandal manufacturing business. They had to rush orders for exports, and our workers literally had to work overnight, just to make it on time for shipment.
Back then, we had workers working under us. But in the present scenario, my mom has become the "worker" now, and handled everything alone. With me as the "headman" calling every few days to give new orders, & checking on past orders, it can be quite stressful for her, hehe....*poor Mom*
On my side, it's a different kind of "stress" (if u can call it that) cus I'll have to tell all customers that the turnaround time is abt 3 wks, and seriously, this is not a great turn on for any buyer! I'll have to make sure I get their specifications right, and making sure that I passed the message "accurately" to the "manufacturer" (aka. M-O-M) 
With past experiences of wrong sizes, non-matching zipper, and opposite fabric orientation, hopefully this Mom/Daughter system has been well-oiled enough for smoother future productions. :)
*PS: Btw, this latest batch turned out perfect, everything is pretty & according to specifications. Job well done Mom (all my customers said that!)... and Me :P haha...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My 1st Necklace/Earring Set

A simple, 1.0" earring...very dainty & pretty.

Same design, but with 3 Rose Petal/Pearls in trilogy, over a simple sterling silver chain. I'd wear this anytime, anywhere! 

I'm happy to present my 1st Necklace/Earring set, a combination of Rose Petal Bead Cap in fine silver (99.9, & oxidized, to give it an antiquated look) with Freshwater Pearls. They are simple, n really beautiful (in my opinion at least, lol...)

Within a day after listing the earring, I've got a request from a bride-to-be, for custom making her something with the earring! I'm really pleased, n excited with the prospect of this earring being worn by a bride...Mmm... ;)

If she really gets the earring, then I wont be able to present this as a set any longer, cus thats all the Rose Petals I've got. We'll see...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Make Up Kit 3-Fold Case

3-fold case when closed, and folded. In Pink Mushroom fabric.

When opened up...I dont have make up brushes etc, so I used pens/scizzors, and some tools for photo taking purposes :)

That's the sewn-in strap, that closes with velcro.

I've finally managed to edit and list my new product: Make Up Kit 3-Fold Case :)

One of my cousin who's extremely close to my mom is a hairstylist in Jakarta, and my mom often stay overnight at her place. One day, my mom saw her "hairstylist pouch" (I dont know what the real name for such item is), where she puts her scissors, hair clips, and combs/brushes in, while doing make-up and hair for her customers.

It's made with plain (aka: B-O-R-I-N-G) black synthetic leather material. My mom took a good look at it, and decide that its a "do-able" project, and decides to try making 3 as a sample for The Laughing House. Like the other pouches/purses in my shop, these will be made with cute/interesting designer fabrics.

It's yet to be known though, whether this item will prove to be as popular as my 3in1 Organizer Purse, and Organizer Clutch Wristlet, both items my shop's current best-seller.

I dont use much make up, so I have no brushes/hair clips, whatever take the pictures in. I just hope using pens/scissors etc for photo-taking wont be the downfall of these items...haha...:D
PS: For more pictures of the other designs, pls visit my FLICKR account.

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