Friday, February 27, 2009

We're going to Taiwan!!!

I've been wanting to go on a holiday to an East Asian country since last year, but was "restrained" due to tight budget and young kids. So, I started a savings plan just for this purpose, with visiting Taiwan (since it's slightly nearer than Korea & Japan) as the goal, this September. 

Lately, I just feel like I need a breath of fresh air... anywhere will do! And since the March one week school holiday is fast approaching, we thought we may consider going to nearby Bintan for a short getaway.

However, I realized that we'll probably be spending hundreds of dollars all the same for a 3d2n, or 4d3n stay there. Not to mention, dipping into my "Visit Taiwan" reserves! lol...

So, I reasoned with my husband, that since we're making a trip, might as well visit the place that we wanted to visit, and has been saving for... rather than using it on short trips like this. And he agreed! *yipeeee*

The NATAS (a travel fair here) fair seems to have some good deals, so we'll check them out tomorrow, with another couple friend. If all goes well & according to plan, we'll be on our way to Taiwan in mid-March ;)

I'm not too sure about the weather there, though it's supposedly Spring time during that period, but then weather is always unpredictable. I hope it'll be cool, yet sunny & bright, with flowers in bloom & beautiful color play everywhere.

Wish us well, & I'll be back with the photographs! :D

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Bible Cover in the Gift Guide!

Did you see that? My Bible Cover actually made it to the Etsy's Travel Gift Guide! I didn't know about it until a fellow Singapore Etsy pal & customer (Nature Autumn) notified me about it ;)

It was such a pleasant surprise, especially with sales going rather slow lately.

This Gift Guide is a selection curated by the Etsy staff, I'm happy that they actually took notice of my item :D hm....but, how nice it'll be if I get to be a featured seller? lol... I'm so greedy huh? Featured seller is probably the ultimate "stage" on Etsy, as you get so much exposure! And of course along with that, promotion----> Sales :D

Well, that's human nature I suppose... you want something, you get it...then you want a "bigger" thing... it's a never ending cycle. So, let's just maintain a thankful heart. For "godliness with contentment is great gain"! (1 Tim 6:6) *Amen* hehe...

Btw, thank you for the feature Etsy!

Spring Collection

These lovely pieces easily remind a person of the refreshing colours of Spring! So, the names come naturally to me.

The pink bell flowers and colour combination is where the similarities end, else I'll pair them up as a set, as suggested by some viewers :)

I love the whimsical and feminine look of these pieces, and I hope you'll love them too!

These NEW Spring "Collection" are now for sale at Winniel's

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Product Giveaways & Reviews

A treasury that's on ETSY's front page at the time of this writing.

I've seen many people do Product Giveaways & Reviews, but never thought that I'd do that myself one day. Well, today I decide to give this a go :)

So, if you're interested in promoting your handmade item on my blog, please contact me directly (by leaving a comment here with your shop link), or send me a convo via my shops Winniel or The Laughing House. You can decide whichever item from your own shop which you want to sponsor as a Giveaway, and have it sent to me.

In turn, I'll have it photographed, do a review & promote the item/your shop to my readers by holding a simple contest which will run for 5 days. At the end of the 5th day, I'll announce the "Lucky Winner" of the contest, and send the item to her/him.

Feel free to ask me any questions or even give suggestions! I'm excited about this, & really looking forward to hear from you soon! ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

NEW Fabrics COMING soon!!!

I've finally placed an order for new fabrics. 8 different designs, and only 1 "old" design (meaning it's to replenish my old stock), but the rest will be "new" (meaning I've never gotten them b4).

The above are 2 that I'm getting, Monaluna range ;) aren't they cute? As for the rest, it's a few more Amy Butler's (Wallpaper & Martini series) and 2 more as shown from my previous post.

These fabrics should reach us in 2 weeks time, so you can place an order for any custom order from The Laughing House with these new ones from then onwards :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weaving Maiden Pearl Necklace

Finally managed to list this necklace : Weaving Maiden Pearl Necklace. It's actually a single strand piece, but it does have a "weaved" look to it... which was how I decide on the name for this piece.

Made with Freshwater Pearls with Lavender hues (colour of individual pearls range from Peach, Pink, Grey, Lavender of various shades), these pearls are flatter on one side. Thus, it can sit FLAT on the wearer. Despite it being a single strand, it has a wider look to it, as the pearls appeared to be positioned alternatively. Regal and elegant, this is the perfect piece for special functions such as weddings & banquets.

A princess length necklace at 17.5", it sits just below the throat, so it'll look really nice on an open collar shirt for business wear as well.

Weaving Maiden Pearl Necklace is now on sale at WINNIEL'S. Thanks for looking ;)

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