Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've been using the word "Treasure Hunt" on my facebook & twitter updates. And decided to use "GROSS-ology" this time round.

For those who has no idea what I'm talking about, the story goes like this:

One fine day (during Chinese lesson), my 6yr old son Hans decided to take out his wallet, & the $1 coin inside, put it into his mouth (unthinkingly) & ACCIDENTALLY swallowed it.

Teacher called me from school, "Mrs Jubilee, I'm your son's Chinese teacher (my heart sank... did Hans made trouble in his Chinese class???). I don't want to alarm you, but... your son just swallowed a $1 coin."

"HUH??!!?" was my verbal response to her.

"We're bringing him to the hospital now, do you want to meet us there?"

Yes, of course. There goes my quiet morning.

At the children's hospital, the abdominal X-Ray shows it's in the tummy. Quite a relief for me to see it there actually, knowing it's exact location, rather than 2nd guessing if it's really inside him or not. Now, won't you agree with me, that it's quite unbelievable/bizarre really?

The doctor was a friendly gentleman, who teased Hans not to treat his body as the piggy bank. Then he assured me, that most likely it'll come out of his system in due time. Could be as fast as a day, or few days later.

Then, came his assignment to me.

"You'll have to go through his poop, until it's found." Err...."What???" If he "goes" in school, or outside, there's nothing we can do about it. But, for our own peace of mind, it's better to "find" the coin, else we've to bring him back to see a specialist, do another scan/x-ray, and (in a rare & unlikely scenario) a scope need to be done, to have it removed.

Duhh ... I know treasure hunt is a tough/tiring/dirty work. But never in my wildest imagination anticipate that I'll have to go through this (category) of "Treasure Hunt". Moreover, it has to happen when my husband is away on a business trip to Bangladesh! Otherwise, I can pass on this honour to him, hehee.... *evil laugh*

Today (2 days later), I embarked on my "1st attempt" at "treasure-hunting". Gross-ology is definitely not an understatement, haha...

Unfortunately, the treasure is not found, & my search continues...

Pls keep us in prayer, for God's protection over Hans, & quick find for me ^^

*PS: Hans is otherwise fine, & his usual active/mischievous/giggly self. I often wonder if I really need to go thru this at all? Would you?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

CAST Team Treasury

I received a message from SandysCapeCodOrig that one of my item (Camera Case) has been featured on this treasury, featuring items from *CAST team member's shops.

Always an honor & privilege ^^

Thank you so much Sandy & *CAST ;)

*CAST: Christian Artist's Street Team

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Found thru browsing Etsy's Categories

Interesting stuff found thru browsing Etsy's categories

Monday, January 18, 2010

Etsy Front Page Treasury

Love the items/pictures featured here ^^

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010

Oven/Kitchen Gloves

Total Length: 9.25"
my hand's length from wrist to tip: 6.25"
I started baking only recently, & enjoying it (thus far) ^^ ... so I started to look out for Oven/Kitchen Gloves in the stores.

Few weeks ago, I saw one at IKEA. It was really HUGE! I didn't measure it, but it was really big & stiff which I'm worried that it'll not be helpful at all if the glove is simply going to slid off my hands anytime.

I've got small hands, even for an Asian girl. And I realized that although the IKEA glove is really big, most other kitchen gloves I recalled seeing in the past, are not much smaller too anyways. So, I decided to start making one, to fit my hands ^^

I started by looking at the fabric stash I have at home, & decided on this pretty & cheerful Apples & Pears fabric in blue, thinking it'll be enough to make a pair. However, after I started working on it, I realized that it won't be enough for a pair after all. Mainly because of the prints & alignments. If it has tiny prints, with alignments that'll go well in any directions, then the amount of fabric will be sufficient.

So, I went ahead to make 1 piece. Anyways, it's my first time making it, & I'll see how it goes from here.

It turned out a bit smaller than what I'd set out to do, but it really fits my hand (& my mom's & my maid's) comfortably, with just a bit of allowance.

I'm really happy with it (not to mention 'proud' too ^^) cus I did it all by myself, & even told my mom not to look/interfere or give any pointers, until I'm totally done with it. Cus, I need time/space to work it out entirely on my own in order to learn & find a solution to some of the difficulties met.

This way, I'm able to understand the procedure better, as I needed to figure it out in my head first, & move on along, step by step.

When it's completed, my mom said I did a good job. And gave me pointers on how I should sew the "hook" the next time round. I'll remember her advice for my 2nd glove ;)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The return of the PAW-ME coin pouches

work in progress

Long long time ago... (ahem) a friend of mine came back from a beach resort & bought me a unique coin pouch from a street vendor there. You guessed it! I copied that cute little pouch, and asked my mom to let's make & sell them!

However, we had limited fabric choices when we first started out, & our tastes in fabric choices are always so different (can be extreme at times). Top it up with my poor photography skills, the final "listing" simply don't look appealing at all.

Then, she found a bunch of unused plain fabric, & made a dozen of these! I told her that it'll be difficult for me to sell them, when even the "flowery-printed" ones arent even sold yet. So, I suggested sewing on shapes on them, making use of the "empty canvas" to bring some "life" to it. It worked, & I managed to sell off every single piece of them... the "paws" emerging as the most popular of them all, garnering lots of comments & sales ^^

But, I decided to focus on our shop's best-selling items (the Organizer Purse range) & stop making these little pouches.

However, from time to time, I'd have customers requesting for these little pouches in their fabric of choice, or colour combination of their preference. The above pictures r some that were recently completed. Looking so pretty & inviting, I decided to reproduce them from now onwards ^^

We'll start by using the "left-over" fabrics (that r too small to make any other purses) to make them. And the Paw-Me(s)? We'll continue to make them as custom orders, so that customers can have a choice of the colour combinations ;)

I can't wait to see what my creative customers are going to come up with next!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

First Day of School (4th Jan 2010)

Hans & Natalie, just minutes b4 setting off for school

I always read newspaper articles with amazement on how parents get excited (or stressed) over their children's first day of school... until it's my turn. ^^

I'm used to sleeping late most nights (anytime from 12 midnite, to 3am) & wakes up abt 8am (only for lately, since it's school holiday for Hans, who was in K2 last year).

On Sunday night, I actually made the effort to sleep at 10pm, so that I can be up at 6:30am, only to wake up (to my dismay) to howling winds & rain :( ... what a day to start the 1st day of school!

It's really a huge milestone for us, & the kids. Hans will be starting Primary 1, and stepping into a new level of independence. My husband had taken leave to bring him to school for the 1st 3 days. While I will be taking Natalie (who's beginning Nursery) to school.

I'm happy that both kids start school around the same time (8am for Hans, & 8:15 for Natalie), but the downside is, I can't be there for BOTH kids at the same time.

The night before, I lift them up to God in prayer. That their 1st day at school, will be an enjoyable experience with a positive vibe to it. No fear, no confusion. I'm especially worried for Natalie, who was never easy to warm up to strangers (& even to many ppl we are familiar with!) ... she's also quite a feisty character who cant be bribed nor appeased easily when provoked.

In Natalie's church kindergarten (or any other preschools I suppose), parents are only allowed to accompany their kids (as in hang around the classroom) for the 1st 3 days. After which, we're to completely release them to the teachers. Hands off!

I was the only parent who actually accompanied her child into the class, sat with the rest of the them & joined in every activities going on. Well, that's because Natalie kept clutching on to my hands for dear life, knitted her eyebrows with displeasure at every adult (aka Teachers) who dared to come near her, & the cheek to talk to her! She replied "No, I don't want!" to every question/invitation thrown her way. (Amazingly, ALL the other kids were OK! Well, I found out the next day, many of them were already there from the pre-nursery class the previous year, hehe...)

'Natalie, pls sit down... Natalie, pls put your bag there...water bottle there...join the sing & dance....' "No, I don't want!" was her determined reply, while pushing her little body back to me, so that we can put up a more convincing united front.

I was beginning to be quite stressed at her continued "perseverance" & start to imagine in my mind, what the teacher may say to me at the end of the session.

"Mrs Jubilee, I think Natalie is not ready for preschool... you may want to consider letting her start school half a year later?" OH NO!!!

Thankfully, that didn't happen...hehe... the teachers were gracious to me (& her ^^) assuring me it's ok for me to be there to lend my support just for today. So I stayed, & Natalie actually began to loosen up, & enjoyed her 1st day at school, declaring it as fun & enjoyable, & that she'd love to go back the next day. *phew* (I didn't know 2 hours inside the classroom can be so draining)

Today (the 2nd day), the principle already briefed the parents, that we can only stay for 1 hour, & to back off after that, so that the teachers can learn how to handle our kids & for the kids to settle down faster in their new environment.

Minutes into the 1st sing & dance session, Natalie begins to show her displeasure at everyone for singing & dancing when SHE don't feel like it. She wanted to be carried. I carried her. Teachers moved into action. "It's better that we handle her from here onwards *smile*." I nodded, passed her to the teacher, knowing that I'm given the "Please leave the room" sign. I turned around for a quick glance at her, not expecting our goodbye to be like this. She was wailing loudly with arms & legs flailing wildly, with the most heart wrenching (being abandoned) expression on her little face.

I waited outside the music room, chatting with another parent & the principle who came by to chat. She took a peek. Natalie was sobbing quietly, sitting on the teacher's lap. Minutes later, after the sing & dance session is over, the kids were lined up (like a train) for their toilet break.

I hid (initiatively) behind a pillar, & saw Natalie at the front of the line, with the teacher by her side. Her eyebrows still furrowed, looking to the left & right for any trace of Mommy. As they made their way to the toilet, the 2 teachers turned to look at me with a "thumbs-up" sign. All's well! ;)

The principle then assured me & the other parent, that our kids r settling down well, & we should leave now. That was when I tasted my first sign of "freedom"! haha...

Went for breakfast at nearby coffee shop, familiarize myself with the surrounding area, making a mental note which pretty potted plant to buy on the way home.

One hour passed by quickly enough, & I went back to the kindergarten. Saw some parents sneaking a peek at the playground at the back, where the kids were. After a while, I spotted Natalie, playing & taking her turn at the slide.

At 10:15 am sharp (1st 2 days of school is only for 2 hours, and will be 3 hours from tomorrow onwards), the doors were opened, & once she saw me, greeted my happily & announced proudly that she played at the playground. Wow! What a success, & how fast she settled down after I left ^^

Today's "battle" is won swiftly & smoothly... & I know that it'll get better with time. But I'll have to gear myself for tomorrow morning, where the parents must say goodbye at the door, & strictly not allowed into the assembly area anymore. But I'm assured, knowing that the teachers were able to handle her well, & that she's also able to settle down quickly enough.

Thank God once again for faithfully "tiding" us over the "tumultuous" 1st few days of school. :)

Now, I gotta start planning how to spend my "free" hours wisely.

Friday, January 1, 2010

WELCOME 2010!!!

from left: My Mom, My 2nd brother (Siantar), our childhood friend Akheng (who happened to be in Singapore with his family for a vacation, from Indonesia), my daughter (Natalie), my husband (Layminto), my brother's gf (Sachiko), Sanae & Kayo (Sachiko's friends, from Japan)

Happy New Year!!!
Sachiko roasting the rice cakes, to make "mo-chi"
My 2nd time making cup cakes with sugar coating... these were made 2 days ago, & well,... finished alrdy, hehe... While the kids were sleeping, I got up to the kitchen to start making more of these, thinking it'll be nice if I can make them right then for everyone, & also to bring to the beach. Unfortunately there were not enough butter & icing sugar, so I didnt make any. Perhaps I'll make these again tomorrow ;) my kids & everyone else in the family loves them!

This New Year's day, is different. We had no plan to do anything special, nor invite people to our (new) house. But, my brother's gf (Sachiko) asked if she can invite 2 of her Japanese friends over & prepare the food as well. I agreed readily.

As I found out, the Japanese treated the 1st meal of the day on the New Year, to be a very important meal. Ideally, that first meal is supposed to be breakfast. However, since Sachiko will be hosting this gathering at our house, she changed it into a lunch gathering, for that all important 1st meal of the year.

She started getting busy from the 31st Dec afternoon onwards, preparing & cooking most of the dishes for the 1st Jan lunch gathering. Seems like quite a lot of work ^^ And, we're all impressed that everything turned out well, & it was a sumptuous & inviting spread!

Our childhood friend Akheng happened to be in Singapore with his family, so my brother invited them along. It was a good time to just catch up, chat with his wife & exchange stories & tips about our kids. With the exception of Sanae, everyone else stayed on the whole afternoon to just chat & relax... the kids managing to get an hour's sleep in between, as we promised them an outing to the beach that evening.

Overall, it's a good day to kick start the new year. I get to know 2 new Japanese friends, who are really friendly, & easy to talk with. (btw, did I mention that Sanae speaks fluent Indonesian as well? She went to Jakarta few years ago to learn the language at the University of Indonesia. And Kayo, is quite the career woman, who also danced the Flamenco!)

Us (the family) had a good laugh talking about (not gossiping) how the 3 Japanese ladies (guests) got themselves busy at the kitchen preparing the food, while we (the host) hang out chatting & enjoying the "tasting" of "mochi" served on the table. And afterward, when everyone was done with lunch, Akheng's wife started to get busy helping to clear the table. What "thick-skinned" hosts we are! hehe... but it was all good fun. Those who were busy, did that happily... & us who did nothing, enjoyed it happily as well :D

Around 5pm, we set off for the beach, which is abt 20 mins leisurely walk away from our house. It was relaxing & the kids enjoyed themselves at the playground. Us the adults got to know each other better, chatting away anything that came to mind.

I'm really really thankful to God, for all his abundant blessings in our lives. Our family are well & healthy, we got our new house & settling down comfortably. Hans & Natalie starting school on Monday (4th Jan), my "new-found" freedom drawing nearer (haha...), a new maid who is settling down happily in our family, made 2 new friends & met up with an old friend, ... the list continues endlessly, if we really look into our lives & see how good & gracious God has been to us!

I'm looking forward to this journey on 2010... with many things I want to do, learn, achieve & overcome. I hope everyone looks forward to walking through 2010 as much as I do, & may it prove to be a wonderful year for all of you out there :)

Happy New Year, God Bless YOU!

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