Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Love this one!

Selected by LoveArtWorks, this treasury is sooo pretty, & refreshingly SRING ^^

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Missing in Action

It's the Chinese New Year holiday here, & I was "missing in action" (sort of) hehe...

My in laws were here for the holiday, so I had to put off most/if not all work in order to be able to spend time with them.

To all (affected) customers, I apologize for the delay in shipping out your items. ^^ xoxo

Now, only my mom's left with us & she too will be going back to Indonesia this Sunday (tomorrow).

All will be quiet here again, & we'll eventually settle into our daily routine once again. So, I'm ready to work hard once again ;)


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hippo Land

Hippo Dance (Red)
Hippo Dance (Lime Green)

For all The Laughing House customers who are awaiting new fabrics, here are 2 which I couldn't quite resist.

These Hippo Dance fabrics are bright & cheery ^^ I hope you'll "welcome" them with "open arms" haha...

* Pls contact me directly at The Laughing House for any custom orders enquiries.
* To see more fabric selection, pls visit my FLICKR page.

Thank you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

I bought these pretty "bulbs" from IKEA last week, when they were still a "baby" ... never quite expecting it to bloom so fast!

It produces a nice fragrance & brings a sort of "hopefulness" along with it (at least to me) especially when I admire it many times during the day, & seeing the changes it's going thru.

Started out with a pale pink, which eventually darkens into a hot fuchsia when in full bloom. Unfortunately, it dont last more than a week. ^^ However, what a florist at the market told me makes sense: that it's still worth buying a potted plant which is almost in full bloom (for seasonal flowers) & enjoy it's beauty for a week or two, rather than buying fresh (cut) flowers which probably wont last as long, & cost double the price.
Here's wishing all my Chinese friends & customers a Happy Chinese New Year, may this year be a prosperous, joyful & safe one for you ^^

For others not celebrating Chinese New Year, I'd like to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day! May love & your heart's desire be yours ;)

God Bless YOU!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

I made this myself ^^

I bought some Japanese fabric at the local fabric market with the intention of using them to practice making stuff with.

The 1st project I worked on was this Paw Me Coin Pouch.

I chose this because it's small, not too difficult for a relative beginner like myself, thus "manageable" ^^

I chose the light pink trimmings & small grey button as it's accompaniment, & get right to work. Most of the time, working on it at night when the kids r already in bed.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, & will work on a few more when I'm motivated enough to practice again ^^

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lovely Treasury

A lovely treasury that I simply cant resist ^^ curated by Lilyja

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Large Day Tote

Organizer Wristlet & Large Day Tote matching set, in Yui Kokeshi Black
The tote she bought from the market which I was asked to copy ^^
Our completed Large Day Tote, in her choice of fabric: Yui Kokeshi Black

A friend from church ordered an Organizer Wristlet in Yui Kokeshi Black fabric, & decided to add on her order with a custom made Large Day Tote.

She bought one from the local market sometime ago, & love the size/practicality of it all, with the exception of it's finished look. She passed me the tote, & I showed it to my mom.

As usual, my mom being the consistent/reliable sewing lady, worked her "magic". Drew the pattern, & found her way in making the bag exactly the way it's like with the "market tote".

The only changes I asked her to make was, how the zipper & bag opening is made. I don't quite like how the "market tote's" zipper & bag opening was finished. I like my totes/bags zipper to cover from end to end, yet giving some space/allowance at both ends (just for ease of use)... but that "hole" on both ends will not be big enough for pick-pockets to slid their hands in.

It's pretty, handy (for women of ALL sizes ^^) & most importantly "do-able" by us. So, I've put it up as a new addition to my custom order listing.

Check out the descriptions & pictures here: >>> Large Day Tote

Thank you for looking! ^^

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