Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foldable Eco Bag (Apple in Mist)

My 3rd piece of Foldable Eco Bag made with Apple in Mist fabric from the Timber collection, by Jessica Levitt.

First attempt, was a trial, & still trying to find my way out, figuring how to make it.

Second attempt, I wanted to experiment with the padding, to see if it'll fold. It did, but end up quite "FAT" ^^

Third attempt, back to non-padded, & this time trying to find a way to make it reversible, to prepare for future "reversible-fabric" orders :D

Successfully done that. ^^ Cutting my 4th piece of fabrics now, for the reversible piece :D

Be on the lookout for it!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Custom Order with Customer's Fabric

An entire set of Organizer Purses, made with Japanese fabrics sent by a customer.

Always love how custom orders turned out, especially those whereby the customer sent their own fabrics!

For this lovely set, credit goes to my customer (Teresa), for selecting these cute Japanese import fabrics, & pairing them up with the bright blue with cheery white polka dots. This combination truly makes for a charming set!

To view more of The Laughing House products, pls click HERE ^^

Monday, March 29, 2010

Treasury Honor

Once again, I'm honored to be included in this unique treasury featuring items that'll "make your travel easier" ^^ (according to the tagline) :D

Titled: I'm leaving on a Jet Plane, & curated by TheCraftQueen

Check out this treasury HERE, leave a comment, & hopefully "we" can make it to Etsy's Front Page ^^

Thank you Irene! I appreciate this :D

Friday, March 26, 2010

New Fabrics, once again!!! ^^

My new batch of fabrics ^^

I bought 12 yards/designs altogether, but only the first 6 reached me 2 days ago... still awaiting *anxiously* for the arrival of their companions.

So happy to see fresh new "faces" in my fabric shelves, that I've selected & cut a piece to make a new project, which is my new "baby": the Foldable Eco Bag ^^

These new batch of fabrics are open to custom orders of Bible/Journal Covers & Foldable Eco Bags ONLY. As, I'm taking over all the Bible/Journal Cover orders from now onwards :D

Wish me all the best! I'm raring to go, & has been diligently working hard to "sharpen" my skills ;)

When there are no custom orders, I'll simply keep making new Foldable Eco Bags, & some Bible Covers in various sizes to stock up. So, check back at The Laughing House often now for these new "faces"!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Foldable Eco Bag (Japanese Pastels)

Fully opened
Spacious interior, with matching fabric, easily reversible.
How to fold your Eco Bag.

This is my 2nd piece of Foldable Eco Bag. Difference is, I've added padding for a fuller body, at the same time, curious to know if it'll still fold ^^.

It did, but making for quite a FAT "pillow" measuring 7 x 4.5 x 3" (dimension).

I used premium Japanese fabrics in sweet pastels for this piece, enabling this bag to be easily reversible when the mood calls for it.

However, since the normal & typical Eco Bags are usually non-padded for a small/compact fold, future pieces I make will be non-padded as well, unless requested.

Check out more details of this Foldable Eco Bag, which is now listed at The Laughing House ^^

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


After sending my daughter to school yesterday morning, I decided to drop by a nearby mall for some grocery shopping, not knowing that a storm was brewing.

I was notified of the heavy downpour from a text message by a friend. Going up to check, I realized it was too heavy for me to cycle back with all the groceries. So, I decided to have breakfast first, while waiting for the rain to stop.

It didnt stop, but grew even heavier. I decided that I dont want to while my time away in the mall just waiting for the rain to stop. I called up my helper at home, to come with an umbrella, & my son's raincoat.

When she reaches the mall, I asked her to take the bus back, with some of the groceries, while I'll cycle home with the bulkier items that are well wrapped in plastic.

Putting on my son's raincoat, I braved the rain to where my bicycle was parked. It was parked on slightly elevated ground, but the surrounding ground has become deep "pools" of "milk tea" ^^

After settling all my groceries on the basket & the child-seat behind, I cycled home. It was the first time I was out in the rain, literally. And I must say, this experience was truly an enjoyable one!

For one, I don't need to "sweat it out" cycling on the road. Secondly, the pedestrian pathways are more deserted compared to the usual ^^ Lastly, having the rain pouring down on me, is like having a cool shower, while on the move.

I reached my building totally drenched (yea, the rain coat didnt help much ^^). Now I know, nx time there's a heavy downpour, I won't hesitate to cycle home if I'm stuck somewhere. Um.... provided I have no groceries, or kid with me :D

* Cant wait! * ;)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Foldable Eco Bag

Foldable Eco Bag
With children's books, cardigan, & an umbrella inside.
Spacious Interior
Made with cool lightweight cotton, with a front pocket to put extra bits of items.
How to fold the Eco-Bag

This is what I've been busy working on last Saturday afternoon, making a Foldable Eco Bag ^^

I'm really happy to have completed this project for various reasons. That is, it was made entirely by myself (from drawing out the patterns), & finding my way on how to do it. This is quite a breakthrough to me, as some of you knew, I have a skillful (seamstress) mom, whom I'll tend to depend on for tips/instructions etc.

But, she's now back in Indonesia, so I cant ask her for any of those tips ^^ ... besides, I did try to make one of these the last time she was here, which I gave up halfway thru, as I got "lost" in how to make the finishing touches nicely.

This time, I tried from scratch again, & planned it carefully in my head each step along the way.

It's not a perfect piece, but I managed to complete it :D

It really gave me a BIG boost of confidence to make more of these (in the much more appealing designer fabrics nx time), + Bible Covers which I've been making the past few days as well.

Now I know that I have at least up to 3 items on my "repertoire" (namely: the Paw Me Coin Pouch, Bible Covers, & this Foldable Eco Bag). This will help me to contribute in the "making" of the items for sale at The Laughing House, instead of always depending on my mom for that.

It may still take me a long time to reach her standard of perfection, but, it's OK as I'll definitely progress towards the better if I keep working at it. Definitely cant get any worse than this! :P

So watch out for more new stuffs on The Laughing House, which will include more & more of my own handmade items from now onwards ^^

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Newly Completed Bible Covers

Bible/Book/Journal Cover in Lavender Polka

I've been working on these 2 Bible Covers for the past 2 days, & quite happy with the result. First of all, I need the practice. Secondly, my small NLT Bible does need a new cover ^^

So, I decided to work on the Lavender Polka fabric first, as it's just visually more appealing, to me :D

It's been sometime since I made a Bible Cover, & was quite proud to finish it in a single attempt, spanning over 3 hours, hehe...

It looked perfect to me (that night). But comes morning, after a close scrutiny, I realized it's not as perfect as I thought. Well, never mind... it's not for sale anyways.

Encouraged that I can do a good job at this, I started making a 2nd piece, this time with the Olive Polka fabric, & decided to have a slight variation (in the "closing flap"), putting the "front" fabric on the inside, instead of the outside.

This time, it really turned out PERFECT! (in my opinion) :P So, I've put it up for sale at The Laughing House.

Check it out for more pictures ^^

Friday, March 5, 2010

St. Patrick's Green ^^

Handpicked items on ETSY's front page treasury, with St.Patrick's Green as the theme.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Are you struggling on YOUR own?

A moderator in church shared a verse from Deuteronomy (cant remember the exact verse) which points out the fact that we often regard our success as our own, "as a result of our own hard work". We conveniently forgot to give glory to God.

It speaks to me. At home, when discussing about this with my husband, he pointed out this from another angle.

That it's not just for those who've "made it" & are successful, but also to those who are "stuck in the rut", failures.

We forgot to depend on God!

That night itself, I read from Psalm 2, and realized it speaks about the same thing again. At least to my heart.

People think they'll be free if they get away from God (in sin, or simply running away from God's conviction in their heart/lives). But, we inevitably serve somebody/something in our heart. We'll never be free, but remain a "slave" to something that rules/leads us.

Just like a fish out of water, & a tree that's uprooted, we can't leave God & think we'll have the "freedom" we want.

Freedom is found only in God, when we fully submit to him, serve him wholeheartedly, & rest in the knowledge of his unfailing love for us. We can be free to be who we are, reach our fullest potential in Him, with his wisdom guiding us, & protection from all harm & evil.

If we think we are prideful in their success & not giving the glory/credit to God, how about our failures? Have we submitted it to God?

"Seek first his kingdom & his righteousness, & all these things shall be added unto you." Matthew 6:33

"God did not gives us a spirit of fear, but of power, love & a sound mind" 2 Tim 1:17

Is fear controlling & stopping you from going all out for God? He's more than able to take care/protect what's important in our lives.

These verses & "knowledge" encouraged me to start depending on God again, submit my fears (without realizing that I have those in the past), & walk forward with God. I want to experience "life abundantly" in Christ Jesus. Amen!

I hope you're encouraged too ^^

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