Friday, April 30, 2010

Fantabulous mix of felt, fabric, polymer clay & crochet

2 treasuries in a row! I'm truly feeling the "etsy-love" lately ^^ Moreover, I've just reached my hard-earned 780th sale today too :D

Thank you so much Groovy Pumpkin, for this inclusion in your FANTABULOUS treasury, & ETSY, for the wonderful ride so far ^^

* Btw, in case you're wondering, it's my Organizer Purse Set that's enjoying being part of the limelight this time round :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fixated on THIS fabric!

Don't you just love this treasury? For me, not just because my Hippo Dance (Lime) Organizer Wristlet is included here, but because of the cheery & bright picture this composition makes!

Thank you AliyahsHopeChest for including my stuff ^^ ... it's always an honor! :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bible Cover Size M

My latest Bible Cover, made with my "newest" Bible's measurements, in Pear in Mist fabric, by Jessica Levitt.

Totally love the colour combination of this bible cover. Light stony grey, with a nice contrast in the aqua/turquoise fabric. So totally ME! ^^
Front pocket to hold your notebooks, pens, highlighters etc.

My NEW Bible: Sanctuary, a devotional bible for women.

I pictured these so that my customers can have an idea of the various sizes for "envisioning" purposes. From top to bottom: Size S, M, L, XL.

In the past, I only make the smallest size Bible Covers to stock up, as I figured everybody may use different bibles with different sizes. So, it's better to wait for custom orders instead of preparing them as ready to ship items.

However, after looking thru all the previous custom orders, I realized that most of them were actually for medium to large sized bible covers, instead of the smaller ones.

So, I decided to work on it again, & make a few size M bible covers to stock up. This time, in MY choice of fabric ^^

Check back at The Laughing House again soon, & you'll see more of these in fun fabrics! :D

* To see more pictures/description of this medium sized Bible Cover in Pear in Mist fabric, CLICK HERE.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Always love to visit Etsy's front page, as the front page treasuries are so pretty in different ways each time!

This visit shows me a treasury that's COOL in colour, aqua, blue, mint? Anyways, I LOVE this colour ^^

Friday, April 16, 2010

Can I have these?

Cute Ballerina Flats in Lime Green

Eco-chic Mary Jane for Spring

Delightful Vegan Flats in Orange

Oriental Chic Vegan Mary Jane (Style B)

I don't know what got into me... but once I started "looking", I can't seem to stop! Online shopping I mean...hehe...

In the past, I looked, but was never really tempted to buy, no matter how much I liked what I see. I can't feel it, can't touch it, can't try it... will it fit? Is the material good? Won't it be uncomfortable?

Hm... what exactly changed me? I feel like I'm taking a risk buying clothing from an online shop, but I've bought 5 up to date! hehe... yes, & it was all in a span of few days (not even a week) ^^

Initially, I thought of it as a means to reward myself for working so hard lately. But now, I feel like a true blue shopaholic *lol* ...

Can't seem to stop "looking"... but I better practice restraint for now :D *tighten purse strings*

I'll just have to settle for blogging about my finds for now, & save them for a time when I need to reward myself again ^^ Can you believe that I'd be attracted to 4 pair of shoes at the same time, & finding it so hard to narrow it down to ONE. I won't need 4 pairs (or 5, or 6) at the same time do I?

These shoes from The Generation looked so comfy... oh, & you MUST read all the feedbacks this seller has received!

* WARNING: Enter the shop at your OWN risk! Be "armed" with restraint & a healthy dose of "self-control" ;) Else, you may want to bring the ENTIRE collection home! ^^

~ Winniel ~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Fabrics, once again!!! ^^

Black, Grey, Lime by Michael Miller & Patty Young
2 of the Japanese fabrics which I've made into cute Paw Me Coin Pouches ^^
Especially for Amy Butler's die hard fans ;)))
Jessica Levitt's Apple in Mist certainly has a special place in my heart ♥

Here's a "sneak preview" of the fabrics I've been amassing over the weeks. Some, alrd made into bags/pouches, & already listed on The Laughing House.

The first collage (Black/Grey/Lime palette) is there simply, to whet your appetite, hehe...

Yea, I've listed all these NEW fabrics on my FLICKR account (selection 2), all 28 of them. YES!!! ^^

Now, these fabrics are available for custom orders, EXCLUSIVELY for Bible/Journal Covers, Paw Me Coin Pouches & Foldable Eco Bags only ^^

Pls ask me if the fabric of your choice is sufficient to make your order, as some of the Japanese fabrics come in small fat quarters only.

Thank you for visiting ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This is what I've been working on ^^

My very first attempt at making a Paw Me Coin Pouch turned out very well. Not perfect, but satisfactory. It was done with the guidance of my mom, who was in Singapore at that time.

I stopped making anything for a while after that, & resumed making a 2nd piece of Paw Me Coin Pouch a few weeks after she went back to Indonesia.

Somehow, it didn't turn out well. Undaunted, I tried to make a 3rd piece. Turned out badly too. I wasn't sure what went wrong, & wondered if there's something I missed along the way.

I left it at that, & made other stuff (Bible Covers & Foldable Eco Bags) & those turned out well, & I'm happy & my confidence level increased. However, Paw Me Coin Pouches are still a "no-no" for me... ^^ (perhaps I was just not ready to burst my "confidence" bubble to face a potentially disappointing 4th piece).

Then came an enquiry, & an order for 10 pieces of Paw Me Coin Pouches. Got my attention alright! I'll definitely direct this large order back to my mom, but decided to make a serious effort trying to make another piece (carefully now...), & if it turned out well & satisfactory, I'll take over this order instead.

The Japanese Pink Dots was it. Turned out great, & comparable to my mom's usual standard. Armed with this extra surge of confidence, I was ready to take down this order for 10 pieces. Alas, the buyer found something else she liked, & decided to move on instead, hehe...

No worries! It's no loss, only gain for me, as I've overcame the "Paw-Me-obstacle" >*<>

Just to stock up (at the same time making use of the pretty fabrics I've purchased recently), I made another piece, in the Flower Bed (Green) fabric.

So delicate & pretty, I can't wait to make more of them! ^^

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quadrate & Tiffany

OK, now to the DRESS I bought from MQuin... Yes, it's the one pictured above. Named QUADRATE, it's simple lines & sombre color is what really attracts me to it.

I'm in need of a new dress for functions, but at the same time, a tad too lazy to hit the shops... not to mention, it's pretty time consuming!

I did a search on ETSY, & came across MQuin's shop. It features 6 dresses (at that time) & I fell in love with most of them! haha... However, because of my small frame, I'm concerned that some of the designs will actually be too overwhelming for me, or....makes me look pregnant. ;)

From the pictures, QUADRATE seems to add curves in the right places (where I'm lacking ^^)... seems "serious" enough for "serious" functions, simple enough for work (not that I need one...working from home :D), & casual enough for day wear!

Almost perfect! Then, I moved on to reading the feedbacks, & am impressed by all the compliments MQuin received from her customers. My heart strings tugged, I can't seem to ignore QUADRATE much longer, & gave in to it's calling...:D

Now, I'm just waiting for it to be completed, & sent my way ^^

It's my first custom order dress from an online shop, so I don't know quite what to expect, but definitely, very excited ;) Will it fit? Will the material be soft & comfortable? Will it....

Hm... I'll know in 1-2 weeks time.
This is TIFFANY, the shop's best selling dress actually. I liked this too, but its high waist may make me look fat & yes...pregnant ^^ MQuin offered to lower the waistline so that I can have a more svelte silhouette.

REALLY tempted! But, (patting myself on the back) I practiced restraint, knowing I can't quite splurge on 2 dresses at the same time. Besides, I've yet to see for myself, how good my first purchase is, & its quality etc.

Yes, that's decided then. Wait for QUADRATE. If I'm happy & satisfied with it, it won't be long b4 I ask TIFFANY to come stay with me ^^

After all, a gal can always do with another LBD (Little Black Dress) :)))

Friday, April 9, 2010

Treasury Love, once again! ^^

I'm honored to be included in this Brown & Pink treasury curated by MQuin. She picked my Organizer Purse Set for this ^^

Did I mention I bought a dress from her recently? She has such nice designs & wonderful reviews, that I cant resist getting one for myself, at the same time to see how true those feedbacks really are! hehe...

Quite a few weddings to attend this year, & I've been working so hard lately, it's my way of giving myself a nice treat :D

If I had my way, I'd splurge on a 2nd piece as well ^^ But, I guess this will have to wait... :D

I'll post pictures of those 2 dresses on my nx post, (probably) or when the dress reaches me ^^

So, hang in there!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Now on to KID's clothing!

My confidence boosted, & an all time high, I cant seem to wait to try out new projects. Tops, dresses for my little girl, or even a blouse for myself! hehe...

But, sewing bags/bible covers are definitely different from sewing clothes, & in this aspect, I'm a total complete beginner.

Not sure if it's as easy as described, or claimed by many who've done it b4. But, I'll never know until I tried :D

So, I've finally decided to go ahead & buy this PDF pattern for a girl's top, from DansLaLune

Now, I'll just wait for it to reach me, & then get STARTED!!! ;)))

Will definitely post pictures here once it's done & completed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Foldable Eco Bag, now REVERSIBLE too! ^^

All folded up, neat & compact!
The interior, in Sun Spots Olive fabric.
Fully Reversible, go for Olive Polka Dots when you feel like it, with the pretty pink lotus as the interior now ^^
How to fold your Eco Bag

I'm enjoying making these Foldable Eco Bags so much that I cant seem to stop now! I've had one or two enquiry for them, but no real sale/order yet.

It's ok, be patient, & keep on making more of these! hehe...

More confident with my skill as well, I've begun to make this 3rd piece with printed fabrics for both the exterior & interior as well, & "hiding" all the side stitches, so that it becomes FULLY REVERSIBLE!

This particular piece, is made with Amy Butler's fabrics, & lined with interfacing in between the fabrics, so that it's sturdier, yet maintaining a lightweight/slim frame when fully folded. A perfect blend between the fully padded one (quite a bulky FAT piece), & the un-padded one (too flimsy in my opinion). But, to each his own. So, I'll leave it up to my customers, to decide for themselves which they prefer. After all, custom orders is what The Laughing House is all about ;)

I have so much fabrics at hand, but always tempted by new ones I see, never having enough it seems ^^

For the next piece, I may try out my new canvas material :D ... can't wait!

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