Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TRAIN yourself to be GODLY

"Have nothing to do with godless myths & old wives' tales; rather, train yourself to be godly. For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life & the life to come." 1 Tim 4:7-8

I was reminded of this verse from last night's bible study/discipleship meeting. Often times, we try to be godly, try to be a better Christian, try to pray etc... the list of trying is endless. No wonder our lives can be so trying at times! :D

The verse above says, to "train" ourselves instead. What's the difference between trying & training? I'm no word/English scholar, but... from a layman's point of view, 'trying' has a meaning of setting a certain target, & making an effort to reach it. For eg. I want to run 5km, & I'll try to do it. When I get tired at 2km mark, I decided to stop, cus, I've tried my best, & thats as far as my body allows me to go. I can try again & again, & if I don't reach it, so be it... I tried!

However, achieving a 5km mark is actually "train-able". I may not reach it on my 1st attempt, but if I pace myself, & train towards it, I'll eventually be able to run a 5km, even if it takes my 10 or 100 "tries".

The verse above reminds me, that godliness is "train-able". Just like an athlete who trains, he don't try, but train. So that he can break his personal record, & move on to the next, in order to achieve the goal set b4 him, to win the prize! Physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for ALL things, holding PROMISE for both the present (most of us are probably occupied with this ^^) life, & the life to come.

How much more we need to do this!

Growth is probably something that we need to constantly challenge ourselves to. Otherwise, we'll reach a certain level/distance, happy with the progress, remain there, becoming stagnant after a while. If we don't desire growth, & train ourselves in that direction, the current definitely won't bring us there. More likely in the opposite direction!

Quite a word for me. Now, I'll have to "train" myself towards this goal. :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

And the winner is...

Wrote down all the numbers 1-75 on a piece of paper, cut them & mixed them all into a bowl.
I was careful to mix, & re-mix everything, again, & again :D
And, number 56 is picked!!!

I checked all the comments again, & counted my way up from the bottom post, which is number 75. I did this twice, to make sure that I didn't count wrongly, & got to the same person: Julie A Scott Laws ;)

Congratulations Julie! I'll contact u shortly via email, & post your win on Facebook & Twitter as well.

To everyone else, THANK YOU so much for participating! You've made this a FUN experience for me, and.... Be on the lookout for a 2nd giveaway SOON ^^

Till then!

~ Winniel ~

Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's been almost a week since I last posted about the giveaway, & I must say I'm really encouraged by the enthusiastic response so far!

So much so, that I myself became interested in joining other giveaways, & be an enthusiastic participant, knowing how much it'll encourage the sponsor ^^

Today's the last day, & I can't wait to start the "balloting" & find out who the lucky winner is :D

I've decided to assign a number to each comment, & pick one from there. For eg, at present there are 58 comments now. I'll write the numbers 1-58 on a piece of paper each, & pick one at random from there.

If the number 39 is picked, then whoever leaves the 39th comment, shall be the lucky winner to this giveaway. If the number picked happens to be a comment left by myself, then a re-draw will be done.

I probably won't be able to wait till 30th of May to announce the result :D So, it'll definitely be as soon as the lucky draw is done.

I can't wait, & I believe all you participants can't either ^^

"Tune in" for the result in 2 days time! ;)

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Laughing House's 1st Giveaway: Cash Budgeting Purse

The Laughing House first Giveaway: Cash Budgeting Purse ($29.99)
Entry Period: 17 - 23 May

Cash Budgeting Purse (Khaki)
I've been wanting to do a blog giveaway for quite sometime, but never got around to really doing it. I've decided to stop procrastinating, & start off with my first giveaway this month ^^

Our Long Accordian Purse has long been one of my shop's best-selling item, for all the practical reason. It's great as a cash budgeting purse, in trendy designer fabric, no more messy envelopes! It's totally cool, & tagged as "Cash Budgeting made TRENDY".

However, I seem to missed out tapping on a large group of very important people: the MEN ;)

Yea! Until a male customer requested this purse for his personal use, but in heavy weight material, & definitely non-floral/non-kawaiiii type prints, hehe...

With that, he asked for a few other modifications. He wanted it slightly smaller than our usual standard size, & have a snap button (instead of the magnets), increased the sections to 8 (from the usual 5), plus card slots, AND velcro attached to each dividers.

Now, these velcros has one side sewn on, while the other side is detachable. He wanted to use that detachable piece, glue (or sew on) a piece of paper/fabric, to put his tabs on (eg. groceries, gas, savings, entertainment,insurance, education etc...)

What a smart idea! I've had many customers asking me for tabs, but I'm not quite sure how to go around doing it, as I didnt want to limit it to simply those few tabs as different people r bound to have different needs for this Cash Budgeting Purse.

With this "blanks", you can easily fill it in with whatever suits you, & your lifestyle!

We made 2 pieces of this Cash Budgeting Purse (priced at $29.99), in dark brown, & khaki. My customer took the dark brown piece, & the khaki piece as shown above, will be given away to ONE lucky reader here! ;)

To enter:
1. Visit The Laughing House, & tell me your favourite item/design from there, & leave a comment here.
2. Be a follower on my blog.
3. Like my Facebook page.

Additional "entries":
1. Choose your favourite fabric print for a Bible Cover from my FLICKR selection.
2. Choose your favourite fabric print for a Foldable Eco Bag from my FLICKR selection.
3. Leave a comment on how you'd like your Foldable Eco Bag to be:
- Printed exterior + Plain interior, non padded, slim fold. ($22.99)
- Printed exterior & interior, non padded, slim fold. Reversible. ($26.99)
- Printed exterior & interior, padded, fat roll. Reversible. ($30.99)
- Printed exterior + Plain interior, non padded, slim fold. ($26.99)
4. Blog about this giveaway, & link back to this blog.
5. Tweet abt this giveaway.
6. Follow me on Twitter ^^

* Pls note: Winner will be selected by random, & given 3 days to "collect" your prize. Failure to do so, will forfeit your win, & the prize will be passed on to another winner. I'll announce the winner on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, & my shop's announcement on 30 May 2010.

Have fun, & good luck everyone! ^^

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Fabrics (May 2010)

I don't need new fabrics actually, as my "store-house" is already brimming with them! hehe... BUT, I simply can't resist a good deal, especially when there's a sale ^^

Here r some I got recently, & a few of them are actually designs I won't normally get. But hey, they were on sale! lol...

I'm sure my customers won't complain at having 7 more designs to choose from for their custom orders :D


Hydrangea in Yellow

Bubble Burst in Petal

Proud Peacock in Green Herb

Proud Peacock in Powder

Yard Scene in Green

Columbine in Green

Pineapple Post in Stone
To see more fabric selection for your custom orders, pls visit:
- Fabric Selection 1 (Organizer Purses, & Everything Else)
- Fabric Selection 2 (for Bible Covers, Foldable Eco Bags & Paw Me Coin Pouches)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cash Budgeting for the MEN ^^

The 1st two pieces made in heavyweight material.
I believe these solids/masculine look will attract some male buyers ^^ hey, they need to do their cash budgeting too, right? ;)

A male customer recently asked for a custom order of this Long Accordian Purse, to be made in either Canvas or Nylon. He also wanted it to have 8 main pockets (instead of the usual 5), & made slightly smaller than the standard size, with a snap button replacing the usual magnetic button.

On top of these, he wanted velcro (one side only) attached to each pockets, so that he can remove the other side, & label them as he wished. All this, for his personal cash budgeting needs.

What a brilliant idea! I've always had customers asking for labels, & I was not able to provide this add on service yet. As, different ppl may have different cash budgeting needs, & I don't wish to limit those "tags" to simply 5 different categories only (eg. insurance, entertainment, groceries, savings, gas etc)

With these velcro, the "platform" is provided for customers to "fill in their own blanks" :D

I've never thought of using canvas or even solids for these purses (partly cus I'm always surrounded by so many beautiful fabrics). But now that I knew the MEN also need their Cash Budgeting Purses, I may well provide this material on top of my usual floral/printed/cute cotton fabrics ^^

What do you think of this "new" UNISEX cash budgeting purse? ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bible Cover Size M in Apple Mist

Featuring my newly completed Bible Cover (Size M) in Jessica Levitt's TIMBER collection fabric, Apple in Mist.

Love the blue hues, the whimsical trees, & the colour combination here.

Measuring 13.3 x 9 " when opened up, this bible cover will fit a medium sized bible measuring 5.8 x 8.5 " with a thickness of 1.6" (thats the size of the hard-cover bible used in the pictures: Sanctuary, a devotional Bible for Women, NLT version), with room for a bit more.

I'll probably stock up on a few more bible covers in the days/weeks to come. Perhaps in yellows or pinks this time? ^^

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How we HOLD it Together

Did you see all the lovely handbags & purses here? My Hippo Dance Wristlet is proud to be included in this lovely treasury! *YAY*

A girl can never have too many bags! Now, "hand me my handbag" ^^

Thank you Cathystotes for the honor! ;)

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