Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Newly Completed Purses

My very first piece of Long Accordian Purse made last week (Proud Peacock in Herb Green) is already sold! That's very encouraging, even though I knew that customers usually buy what they like based on the attraction to the fabric print ^^

Anyways, that very first piece was made with my mom guiding me along at each step. It wasnt as difficult as it looked (to me). And I went on to make a 2nd piece (Lotus Pond in Pink) this time, I wanted to do it entirely on my own, without asking her for any guidance at all.

However, the process kept getting "interrupted" by schedule/kids/distractions etc... & by the time I sat down to get started again (few days later), I realized that I've forgotten some seemingly un-important (but key things to note about) technical know-how.

Fortunately, my mom was at hand to give me advice when I "got lost" ^^.

I went on to practice on a 3rd piece (Flower Bed in Pink) immediately, while those instructions & earlier practice remained fresh in my mind.

With the 3rd attempt, I became more familiar with the procedure & knew that I've just added a new skill to my (sewing) repertoire :)

Thank you Mom for your faithful instruction on this!

*To see more pictures of these Cash Budgeting Purses, pls visit The Laughing House.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Batik Inspired Proud Peacock

As some of you frequent readers of this blog knows, I'm presently under "apprentice-ship" of my Mom who makes all the pretty purses/bags that are being sold in my shop: The Laughing House.

When I first started this, I simply ran the show, everything, the full works, except sewing ^^ cus I cant sew.

But this past 1 year, I've been diligently learning, practicing & experimenting, especially when she comes to Singapore to visit.

Now, I'm proud to present my very FIRST Long Accordian Purse, made with beautiful Batik Inspired Proud Peacock in Green Herb fabric. ;)

I've taken over the custom orders of Bible Covers for a few months now, together with the Paw Me Coin Pouches, & successfully made the Foldable Eco Bag with my own patterns. (Seems like I'm boasting a little here, hehe... but I cant help it ^^, pls excuse me) *grin*

It is my aspiration to be able to take over all of the custom orders that comes in. This may takes time, but I'll take it one step at a time.

My dream is, to rent a retail space in downtown area, & sell our very own purses/bags/ bible covers carrying this "house" brand :D

I'm "walking" towards my dream, 1 purse at a time. Are you? ^^

A dress I made for Natalie using the same fabric, with matching polka dot yellow fabric. The pocket is a bit too small for this dress, I've made a mental note to make a bigger pocket & replace it. Hopefully I can work on it soon ;)

Monday, August 16, 2010

MODIFIED 3in1 Organizer Purse

* I must give credit to one of my friend (Lucile) who requested this Modified version of our 3in1 Organizer Purse, based on her personal needs & for practical reasons.

The original version had a middle zipper that'll join all the 3 compartments & closing them off into 1 purse on the exterior. However, this modified version will have 3 zippers for each of the individual compartments.

With this, you can unzip 1 compartment while keeping the contents in the other 2 compartments well "locked" in ^^. However, this modified version will have the small compartments in between the main pockets exposed. This may still be useful for you to slip in a packet of tissue paper, or some receipts without having to unzip any of the main compartments.

2 small sized D-rings are attached at both sides, which'll be useful if you have a detachable wrist/handle strap. With that, you are able to transform this clutch into a wristlet, or even a mini handbag ^^
Want it customized in YOUR choice of fabric? Made smaller/bigger or padded to better suit your need? Need a matching wrist strap/handle made? Pls contact me at The Laughing House ^^

Thanks for looking, I hope you'll love it ^^

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Tribute to My Beautiful Country

I found a forum thread started by an Indonesian seller looking for other Indonesians on Etsy. And someone from there (I assume) curated this treasury, as a tribute to our beautiful country, Indonesia.

The items featured here were made in Indonesia, or by other Indonesians living overseas. Although I've taken up Singaporean citizenship, a part of my heart will always be with Indonesia, the land of my birth.

It's a beautiful land teeming with rich natural resources. Poor, developing & fraught with many problems, I pray that God will bless Indonesia.

I'm really proud to be included in this treasury. Thank you Cemara ^^

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Days

My little iPhone Case/Mini Purse (Elephant March) has been included in this colourful SUMMER treasury!

Nice burst of cheerful colours, I love it! ^^

Thank you so much once again Pauline, of Fat Connection :D

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I LOVE the Currency Converter!

Hot off the "sewing machine" hehe... it's always cool to "show-off" a bunch of purses newly completed & photographed together.
iPhone Case/Mini Purse, a custom order for a customer who wanted it with printed interior fabric.
Want to know how much this costs in SGD? Check it out in The Laughing House, click "converter" at the bottom of the page, & select SGD for your currency.

Have you noticed? Etsy now has a currency coverter! I've heard talks about it for quite a while now, but didnt really follow the news.

Until this morning, when I noticed in tiny print, at the bottom of my page, "converter".

I clicked on it, selected SGD as my currency, & VOILA! All the items in my shop shows the prices in SGD, with the USD still visible!

This is really helpful to me as a seller, so that I don't need to re-calculate my prices in SGD each time a customer asks. And, for my local customers, they can simply choose this option, & will know how much the item cost in local currency.

Thank you ETSY :D ... I look fwd to hearing more from local customers from now onwards ^^

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