Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And Hans is now 7 ^^

Mango Cake, his favourite! :P

23rd September is the day he has been waiting for, for the entire month (in fact since July probably, hehe...)

Look how happy he is! This boy truly truly had to endure a long day b4 the real celebration comes for him. As we wanted my brother & sister in law to be able to join us for the mini family celebration in the evening to share the cake, & sing birthday song together.

So, the cake, the gifts all come together at around 830pm. Not an easy wait for a 7 year old excited about his birthday! ^^
Family picture ^^
Natalie singing the birthday song with gusto! This picture was taken in the dark actually, as all lights were switched off, with only the candles illuminating the room.

She's equally happy with the birthday celebration for her brother & was a good sport throughout. She knew the cake was meant for him, the song for him, & the presents for him.

And, she asked sweetly for her birthday to be like that too. "That goes without saying :) " I promised her.

The next morning, she started pleading for her birthday (cake & song) to be "Now!"

Oh Natalie! Your turn ( & mama's + papa's) will come, in December :D

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Cant quite imagine that 8 years has passed since we got married! :D

I wont say it's a fairy-tale "happily ever after" marriage. On the surface, all's fine & we seems like the everyday ordinary couple.

However, I felt that something was not quite right between us. We were not communicating in a deeper way, often or regular enough, & something seems missing even though we still love each other & are committed to the marriage.

For this, we decided to sign up for a 12 weeks course organized by the church: Married For Life (MFL). As of this week, we're 9 weeks into the course & has learnt (or "refresh") what it means to (the Power of) 2in1, Sowing & Reaping, Forgiveness, Agreement & our roles as husband & wife to name a few.

I wont go into the details of the lesson, but it does gives us lots of (practical) "homework" to work on in our marriage.

We realized the challenges even more, but confident of the result & fruits that we'll harvest when we apply those principles in our marriage & communication. I believe we're taking steps in the right direction by looking towards God for help. As, marriage after all is HIS brain-child ^^

This year, I received a beautiful flower arrangement delivered right to my door step. I was really pleased with the effort my husband made (as it's my very first, aft 8 years of marriage! *lol*) And, we went out for a nice dinner date in a place I've always always heard about but never been to: Dempsey Hill.

On a "side note": actually I wasnt surprised (by) the flowers I received, as I received a call earlier during the day... from the florist! She called to confirm my home address & the time which it'll be delivered.

Hehe... yea, I was surprised BY the florist, & not the flowers sent BY him! lol...

Oh well, anyways... Happy Anniversary dear hubby! The best is yet to come! :D

Monday, September 20, 2010


I'm always priviledged to be included in treasuries by wonderful sellers on ETSY. Here's the latest 2 I've been honoured to be in the company of:
Sunday Morning is curated by CardboardSheek featuring items by Christian sellers (I assume ^^ ), reminding us to live for our Saviour, Jesus Christ. And that, it's all about HIM, not us :) Featured in this treasury is my Bible Cover with yellow elephant (picture shows a sold item).

Next up (or down), is the treasury curated by Telaine, featuring all the wonderful card case holders found on ETSY. Keep your business cards handy with these fun & funky purses! ^^

Once again, THANK YOU CardBoardSheek & Telaine! :)))

Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Favorites are a Treasury! W.2

Good things come in pairs! It was indeed the case for me, or rather... my Hippo wallet ^^

It's featured in a 2nd treasury (perhaps more if I count past treasuries it was featured in) 2 days in a row!

Thank you Kirschbits (from Germany) for this priviledge to be included in your beautiful treasury!

If I can choose 3 favourite items from this list, it'll have to be the leather-bound Journal from Kreativlink, Retrato sobre Casa portrait print from Holli, and the yummy Lemon Pound Cake Soap from sherrisscentsandsoys.

What would you have? ^^

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cold Lemonade Under the Warm Sun

It's been a while, .... but here's a treasury love I received today from Milka of MQuin ^^

She's someone whom I ever bought a dress from (btw, hehe...) She's an independent fashion designer based in Manila, Philippines. She don't have much in her shop, but I love every single designs she has up there!

For this treasury, my Hippo Dance (Lime) Mini Accordian Purse is the lucky one to be included, as part of this lime-y/lemonade-y cool treasury :D

Thank you Milka once again!

(my) Hippo Lime ^^

Friday, September 3, 2010

NEW Fabric Selection 02 Sept 10'

NEW!!! For those of you waiting for more fabric choices, you'll have some of Laurie Wisbrun's MODERN, BOLD & BRIGHT designs from her latest Tufted Tweets range. Available for custom orders of: Mini & Long Accordian Purses, Paw Me Coin Pouches, Bible Covers & Foldable Eco Bags.

Check them out in my Flickr Fabric Selection 2

* For more details, pls contact me at The Laughing House ^^

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Dozen Paw Me(s)

Preparing to cut the interior fabric with some "left-over" Pears in Red fabric.
Just received a bulk order of Paw Me(s) Coin Pouches, & I had to do all the cutting in one go so as to be more effecient.

All the cutting is more tedious than the sewing itself! I spent a whole afternoon cutting away, in between minding my kids around their afternoon nap.
Made myself work like a typical factory worker, focusing on 1 "job" at the same time (cutting, sewing the batting on... putting the pieces together... hand sewing... doing all the trimmings...) Finally, I start to see them form into a recognizable shape one by one.

Ah... what satisfaction!

* To see more Paw Me Coin Pouches, pls visit The Laughing House.

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