Monday, November 29, 2010

In Burgundy

Love this treasury In Burgundy, by Dodoo. And, my Organizer Wristlet (Hives in Raspberry) has the honour of being amongst this lovely collection :D

Thank you Dodoo! Hope we all made it into the front page together ^^

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stocking up for the HOLIDAY season ^^

They looked like a group of students obediently filing up in twos (above picture) and also like soldiers (below) standing on "attention!" hehe...
In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we've been working hard to make some of our shop's best selling items in new fabrics that has just arrived.

From past experiences, custom orders tend to pile up towards the holiday season, & we'd feel like we're running thru a marathon (sewing marathon that is ^^ ). That is really good for business but quite challenging to keep up with.

So, starting from August/September onwards, we've been slowly building up our "treasury chest" (aka ready stock items), hoping that customers will be able to find the design they like with their preferred fabric print, ready made, ready to ship.

I believe that despite these "pre-emptive" measures, custom orders will continue to flow in as that's really the "back-bone" of our home business, & we're committed to continue creating a fun + customizable shopping experience to our customers. Those who've shopped with us definitely knows how satisfying it really is; to be able to find a unique/functional item according to specific preference in regard to size/fabric & other small details or add ons.

When I think about this, I'm thankful to God for his continued blessing & favour... & of course, to all The Laughing House loyal supporters out there :)

Now, don't drool looking at the above pictures ^^ check out these NEW-ly completed Organizer Wristlets.

See you there!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Love has NO language barrier :D

Tohko & Natalie

My sister-in-law visited us for the first time from Japan. And, she brought along her 11 year old daughter, Tohko.

For my kids & Tohko, it was the first time they meet each other in their entire lives. And, it was love at first sight for them ^^ hehe...

Tohko, having a Japanese mother & residing in Tokyo, do not speak a word of English aside from "yes, no" & counting from 1-10.

My kids, Hans (7yrs) & Natalie (4yrs) speak mostly English & Bahasa Indonesia.

They being kids, were happily playing catch & laughing gleefully at each other, barely 10 minutes after my sister-in-law & Tohko entered our home.

I knew that children can hit it off fairly quickly with each other. But, seeing that there's a real language barrier (which did not improve significantly for the entire 5 days they stayed with us) only proves me that love has no barrier indeed. And, as the saying goes: "Blood is thicker than water" :)

Now, we're making plans (to save up) for a trip to Japan for our year end holiday next year.

I cant wait! I believe, the same goes for Natalie ^^

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Frozen Hydrangeas...

A beautiful treasury with a lovely theme & amazing shades of cool BLUEs ;)

I've been working pretty hard for the past few days (weeks even) playing catch up on all custom orders. And, I'm really glad that I'm done with the last backlog order & finally can have a breather now. For a day or 2 that is, b4 working on another recent order.

So, for the nx 1 or 2 days, "work" for me, will surfing on ETSY... checking out treasuries... participating in the forums, with a dose of FB & Twitter for some chat, & shout outs (of course)

Perhaps I can work on some hydrangeas, uh... I mean, gardening as well (on my potted plants) ^^

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