Friday, January 28, 2011

Dungeon of 40 degrees

When I was still working in the hospital, I remembered falling sick once every 2 months or so. Usually, it's a case of being infected by patients, & I suppose, not being diligent enough to keep my body fit in tip-top condition.

Being a stay-home mom, I fall sick much fewer times, unless my kids fall ill for a prolonged period of time, in which case, I become quite vulnerable to whatever is ailing them.

This time round, it's been widely announced in the newspaper, that the flu epidemic is spreading fast & furious in Singapore.

First, my daughter was down with a mild flu that seems to go away after a few days. Followed by my brother who had to stay away from work for a day or 2. Then, my son came down with high fever out of the blue, with no symptoms to signal what's really wrong with him.

Few days later, my daughter (who has not quite shrugged off the flu bug) is down with a high temperature too. This high-low fever roller coaster rides went on for more than a week.

I thought I was taking it all in stride, & doing pretty well myself. Only to find out that I'm coming down with a scratchy throat, which went downhill pretty quickly over the next day.

After a visit to the doctor, & some antibiotics later, the fever worsened, & I find myself in an abyss of 40 degrees dungeon. I felt trapped, & for the first time, really scared about being sick.

I cant remember when was the last time I had experienced a fever as painful & frightening as this, but I never ever want to go back there again.

After going thru this for a night & day, my doctor decided to give me an injection to bring down the fever quickly. Now, I'm on the mend, but still feeling weak & sore all over (as though I've been through a fierce battle).

This episode taught me not to take good health for granted. I'll be sure to be more careful with what I eat & eating sweet treats in moderation (which I tend to over-indulge when the urge is high).

Now, I just pray for a quick & complete recovery for myself & Natalie (who's still hovering in between).

How about you? If you're in good health, thank God for it, & continue to take care of it. In poor health? Pray, ask God for mercy & healing. :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NEW Year NEW Fabrics!!!

I'm back! I hope everyone had a great holiday with loved ones over the year end whilst getting busy preparing for the New Year :)

The family vacation to Indonesia went smoothly, filled with lots of family outings & FOOD in Bandung. It was good, but extremely exhausting! hehe...

The traffic jam in Bandung was bad, but we weren't expecting a worse case in Bogor, my hometown! Well, they said that Bogor (also known as the Rain City) always send water to Jakarta for the annual "flood season". In return, Jakarta sends cars to flood Bogor. lol...

Coming back to Singapore means back to routine, & predictability (more or less). We get that sense of "assurance" the moment we touched down, & entered the familiar Changi Airport.

I miss the family (& FOOD) in Indonesia, my childhood home, an old pet, & just the overall feel of Indonesia. But, I still dont like the traffic jams, the corruption, the feeling of insecurity & uncertainty on the road, & the lack of understanding of how things generally work around there.

So, I'm really glad to be back :)

After unpacking, I get right to work answering enquiries, following up on delayed packages, preparing books for my kids return to school. It's been busy, but I like it... & time flies ^^

OK! Anyways, I just want to provide a sneak peek for customers who are eagerly awaiting for NEW selection of fabric to choose from for their custom orders.

I hope you like them :D Take your pick! There are 14 different designs, I'm sure you can find something u like ^^

*PS: I'll upload the individual pictures of these fabric to my FLICKR site. Hop on over shortly!

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