Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proud Peacock in Herb (Bible Cover)

Back to business again, here's showing one of the newly completed custom order: an XL Bible Cover, which fits my large Life Application Study Bible.

I thought I wont have enough of this fabric, since I took a large chunk of it to make a dress for my daughter when this fabric first reached me.

But, much to my delight (& probably to the relief of my customer, whose 1st 2 choices were no longer in stock) I have enough of this fabric (barely though), & managed to get a Peacock to front the centre stage, & insert cover.

I hope my customer loves her new Bible Cover, even though this fabric is not really her first choice.

* Interested in a custom order of a Bible/Journal cover made to FIT, in YOUR choice of fabric? Please contact me directly @ The Laughing House :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stacked Up

Vintage CINDERELLA and FLOWER FAIRY Tin Toy Teapots from Sushipots

Pretty or fairy-tale like aren't they? I saw these on the ETSY front page minutes ago, & felt it's quite apt for this blog post.

Life is anything but fairy tale ^^

It's been a busy & sometimes "stress-full" 2 months for me. I've decided to send my domestic helper back to Indonesia & part ways with her as I realized it's not working out between us, no matter how I try.

Sounds like a failed "romance" huh? hehe... sort of I guess ^^

No matter how I try to compromise, "look the other way" etc, certain things simply can't be tolerated. And I realized it's better to let go, when the "heart of the other party" is no longer with us.

Coming to this decision, immediately relieves a lot of the pent-up tension I've been feeling over the months. And, all of a sudden, I felt "freedom" of being "helper-less" hehe...

Strange but true.

I needed the extra help at home, but not the mental burden. And, mental burden turned out to be much heavier in comparison to the physical nature of stuff/routines & chores.

So, I'm really tied down at home with so much more to do on top of tending to The Laughing House. However, I'm relishing this period of time, until a new domestic helper comes in May.

Hopefully, this new partnership will turn out well for both of us.

Wish me well :) or, better still ... pray for me :D

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