Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amy Butler Before & After

I came across this treasury from my "activity" feed, & realized that my Organizer Wristlet is featured here.

It's quite an interesting theme, well put together by HomeMadeCreationsNH.

As the name implies, it features several of Amy Butler's fabric, before & after it has been turned into a dress, purse & others.

I love it :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Blue Took Over my blue day^^

Here's another treasury love curated by TOPC, who was feeling a little "blue" when she started browsing for blue items.

She put these "blues" together to create a treasury that's soothing & refreshing all at the same time :)

She picked one my Cash Budgeting Purse in Robert Kaufman's fabric: Damask in Spring, to be a part of this beautiful collection.

Thank you TOPC! I hope the "blues" are blown away by these "blues" :D

Monday, April 25, 2011

GOOD Friday Siesta

My "work" station... the corner birch table with the sewing machine on it. My fabric supplies & tool drawers/cabinets are behind it for easy reach & stow-away. The kids study tables are right in front of mine, so that we can "work" together whilst I keep a watchful eye on them.

It's Good Friday, & a nice lazy afternoon spent at home with the family. The weather is hot, sunny & breezy all at once. We had a simple lunch, & soon my son started getting drowsy, & wanted to nap in the room, but simply cant fall asleep.
I asked him to take out a mattress, & put in near my work station, as the comfort of being near where "all the actions are" may relax him. It wasnt long before he dozed off ... Zzzz... Soon, my husband & daughter joined him on the floor. And, the 3 of them were peacefully snoozing the afternoon away.

It's a peaceful & contented sight to behold, I loved it & couldnt resist taking out my camera to capture the moment.

Although the weather is hot, the wind is happily blowing a gentle breeze throughout our whole house from all directions. A soft melodious music filled the room as the radio played on.

The atmosphere & sight, indeed makes for the perfect ambience for a good after-lunch siesta.
I fought off the fatigue, as I had orders to work on. (can you see the Long Accordian Purse "in-progress" at the background? hehe... it doesnt look anything like that yet, as they were simply cut, & not yet sewn together yet.)
My "storage" space, with all the completed & ready stock items piled nicely together. It's not a full snap-shot of the entire length of the cupboard though.

Soon, I succumbed to this lazy mood myself, & went on to the couch to complete this GOOD Friday siesta with the whole family :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding March

Natalie trying on the new white dress I bought for her. She'll be the flower girl to my brother's wedding on 1st of May :)

I'll be away (from *The Laughing House) on 30 April - 7 May to attend my brother's wedding which will be held in a small chapel on a cliff, in beautiful Bali!!! Yes, so... we are really looking forward to this trip. Which will be a short vacation for our family & friends as well.

I booked the air ticket late last year, from Jetstar. And, initially planned on flying in on Saturday, 30th April (hopefully, a morning or afternoon flight). However, what was available then was only the 6:35pm flight, & so I took that, even though I felt that it's such a waste of the better half of Saturday staying at home, rather than being able to enjoy Bali earlier.

Now that it's a week away from our planned trip, I was ready to print out my itinerary, & was shocked to see that the flight has been changed to 22:20pm, arriving in Bali at 1am (1st of May, which is the day of the wedding itself!)

It's definitely not heading in the right direction for many reasons.

I called Jetstar right away to clarify.

Kudos to the customer service officer who attended to me, who apologized for the inconveniences & made an effort to put me up on an earlier flight (if there is).

Unfortunately, there was none. I explained the dilemma I am in to her, wedding nx day... reaching there so late at night (or so early!), tired kids... flower girl... ring bearer... missing rehearsals.... She gets the idea.

She offered to put me on another flight a day earlier (29th April), but the same late timing. It wasnt much comfort to me when I heard this, as it's still not my ideal flight schedule, plus the extra hotel stay's expenses we had to fork out with.

As if on cue, she informed me that, we'll be given $50 Jetstar voucher per passenger to make up for it. And, thinking ahead of our up-coming trip back to Indonesia in November, I felt somewhat better & compensated.

I thanked her for her help. And actually felt much better & happier things turned out this way.

- I get to enjoy the entire Saturday in Bali.
- My kids can attend the wedding rehearsals.
- We can join the welcome dinner the wedding couple has planned, at Jimbaran Bay.

Travelling out of Singapore on a late Friday night flight suddenly seems like a bonus now! Our usual schedule is not interrupted (hubby need not apply extra day's leave, & kids attend school as usual).

PLUS, our nx tickets to Indonesia will be $50 cheaper per person!

All things fall nicely after all, despite the initial disappointment & scare :)

God is good to us, ... always!

* To all The Laughing House customers:
- All orders placed before 21 April will be sent out no later than 30 April.
- Custom orders placed from 21 April onwards can only be worked on from 10 May onwards, & completion time may vary. Pls ask me for an estimated turnaround time.
- Pls bear with me if I'm slow in responding to your enquiries, as I'll be on vacation. But, I'll definitely get back to you asap.

Thank you so much :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dahlia Lama in Seafoam

Newly completed Bible/Journal Cover in Patty Young's fabric: Dahlia Lama in Seafoam.

The size for this custom order is exactly the same as my large Life Application Study Bible, & that bible is used as the "model" here :)

If I worked non-stop on a bible cover this size, it'll take me:
- 10 mins to figure out the measurement for the pattern to be used
- 1 hour to cut all the fabric + padding (part 1)
- 10 mins ironing the fabric
- 10 mins to pin them all together
- 1.5 hour to sew them together
- 30 mins to complete the trimming + finishing touches (part 2)

All in, it'll take 3.5 hour to work on this "non-stop".

Unfortunately, I dont usually have 3.5 un-interrupted hour during a day. So, it's usually broken down to:
- part 1, & part 2

Usually, spanning over 2 or 3 days. But, with my present "helper-less" situation, this took me close to a week to complete ^^

Anyways... I'm just glad it's completed at last!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Take a trip around the WORLD

Another treasury love TAKE A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD by Silver Beach Sea Glass featuring Etsy sellers from around the globe.

I'm honoured to have my Macbook Sleeve featured in this rich & colorful treasury.

Thank you so much Kathy! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Love Always

I was "treasury-hopping" & came across this, with an interesting theme: Mother & Child (in particular, mother & daughter)

In the words of the curator GaleazGlass: It’s a bond that evolves over the course of time. And though actual physical presence will eventually change, the bond remains. Always.

I believe in this special bond between me & my mom, and now, me & my kids. Although I've often felt more (negative) emotions other than love, I do believe this special connection exclusive to a mother & child (daughter) exists as a gift from God to us, women.

In times when I feel more like a monster mom & ungrateful daughter, I'll have to remember to draw strength from God, & ask him to be my portion & strength for the day. To take things easy, & remain sane in this journey together.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Put your best FOOT forward

Size M in Little Cottages (White)
Size L in Yui Kokeshi (Sage)
Size XS in Damask in Spring

I love all things covered in fabric, including feet! Yea, the list of fabric related handmade to spruce up the home (or ourselves) is endless ^^

In the past, I'll try to upload the pictures of all newly made items onto this blog. But, it's taking up too much time, & not possible to catch up doing that, unless the sewing stops, hehe...

To make up for it, here's a peek at all the recently completed Bedroom/Home Slippers ranging from size XS to L :)

Want to custom order a pair in YOUR choice of fabric? Check out the Bedroom/Home Slippers section @ The Laughing House ^^

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