Friday, May 20, 2011

Escapade to Ubud, Bali.

As promised, here are some pictures of our 2nd part of the Bali trip. We stayed at a small budget place, Jati 3 Bungalows, right in the heart of Monkey Forest Street, which is an interesting street lined with boutiques, cafes & small shops.
The view of the swimming pool, in front of our building. We loved this small but pleasant pool, & had daily swims throughout our stay there.

When deciding where to stay for our Ubud trip, I was weighing between the importance of a central location, & budget. As I consulted my mom her preference, she said both are equally important for her.

So, I went out to do my research on the internet & chose Jati 3 Bungalows for it's central location, & budget friendly rates.

However, coming from a 5-star hotel at the Benoa area, all of us were not quite mentally prepared for what awaits us in Jati 3.

It was dusk, and the sun was setting. The compound was poorly lit, & maneuvering around the small lanes & steep steps proved challenging for my elderly mom & aunt.

When we all gathered again after being settled into our own rooms, I realized that the young (my kids) & the old (mom & aunt) were disappointed at this chosen budget accommodation.

After discussing abt our "predicament", we decided to stay & honour our reservation at this place.
I woke up the next morning feeling relaxed, & lazy. Our room was bright & cozy with the sun rays shining through the windows. It may not be as bad it appears the night before, I mused.

In fact, the entire place which looked dark & depressing the night before, appeared in perfect bloom under the bright sunlight & surrounding thick foliage. As if orchestrating a convincing act, to assure us that all will be well there.

To sum it up, it's charming & idyllic. A great place to laze in, with little distraction to "stir" the un-motivated.

Pls excuse the mess... I didnt bother to tidy it up a bit b4 taking these pictures :)
We took the family room, which comprises of 2 large king sized beds, & a small pantry (which has nothing actually) right outside the room.

Breakfast is a simple but healthy fare of either omelette, toast, & banana pancake. Fruit platter is always included, with choice of coffee, tea or fruit juice for the drinks.
The "famed" banana pan-cake that I've read so often about in the trip-advisors reviewers. It's truly yummy, but not that new to me after all. As, it's actually a commonly available snack in my hometown of Bogor. ;)
Inviting pool
The other "bungalows" within the same compound.
Small lane & entrance into the compound.

All in, we stayed 4 nights in this place at Ubud & had a thoroughly enjoyable & relaxing time there.

Firstly, we didn't plan for any particular place of interest to visit that requires special planning. Since we were located right in the heart of Monkey Forest Street, everything was within walking distance.

It was 4 days of waking up to the sound of waterfall (there's a small stream that ran down the forested area right in front of our balcony), sunshine, forested surrounding, strolling down lanes of interesting shops, feasting on good yet affordable food, & coming back in the afternoon to nap. Waking up to swim again & indulge in massages...

To some, this may be quite a wasteful trip of doing "nothing" & seeing "nothing". But yet, we enjoyed this so much, I was already wistfully missing Bali, the night b4 we were to fly back to Singapore.

That's because I know that this "life-style" is simply not real, hehehe.... & I've got to prepare to re-enter into reality.

Now, it's 2 weeks back into reality. I'm happily settled back into my daily routine of work (etsy & sewing), child-minding (checking their HW etc) & church. But, I wish I can escape once again.... sooner, than later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Newly completed Bible/Journal Covers
Zippered Bible Cover
Bali was good. Which vacation isnt? ;)

So good, that you wished you dont have to come back to "earth"... aka: work, routines... chores :D

I have quite a few orders to rush on, the moment we came back. And finally, after slightly more than a week, I've finished the last "back-log" orders, and managed to get some breather from yesterday onwards.

Now that the momentum's back, I'll work to keep it. ^^

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Wedding @ The Ritual, Uluwatu, Bali

It's been a week since we came back from my brother's wedding in Bali, & finally I'm able to sit down, & upload some pics of the wedding here.

It was held at The Ritual, set on a cliff in scenic part of Uluwatu, Bali.

Natalie (4.5 yr daughter) was the flower girl, whilst Hans (my 8 yr old boy, was the ring-bearer).
Are you ready to walk down the aisle, Natalie?
peek-a-boo.. ;) The bride is smiling so pretty at her groom, whilst I can "see" my brother grinning away from where I was seated ^^
Love these floating candles.

The whole place is beautifully lighted, & gives a very romantic/relaxing ambience into the night at the outdoor reception against the sunset, facing the distant horizon.

I believe everyone present enjoyed the beauty & the "mood" of the night thoroughly.
Floating house on the water? It's the chapel, where the ceremony was held :)
The "Run-way"

Natalie, Hans & another girl, happily ran up & down this run-way almost the entire night, tireless-ly blowing out the candles, hehe... but those candles refused to be diffused either! Good Job! hehe...

Now that the wedding's over, I'm wishing my brother & sister-in-law a wonderful new life together as a married couple. Be happy, be fruitful, be blessed :)

* I'll try to upload the 2nd part of our Bali trip to Ubud, in the next 1 or 2 posts. Be on the lookout for it ^^

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