Tuesday, June 21, 2011



I saw this beautiful painting on canvas for the 1st time on the Etsy front page a few minutes ago, & was immediately drawn to it.

It's a beautiful portrait that's life-like with a subtle gentleness & charm that makes me wants to smell the bouquet of flowers she's holding.

It somehow also brought back memories of my childhood dream of one day becoming an artist :)

Well, it's been years since I last painted, & I never quite revisited that childhood dream anymore.

Anyways, here's a congratulatory note to the artist: TushTush from Tel Aviv. Your work is beautiful... I think you're talented, & I hope you enjoy living your dream :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coordinating Fabrics

I've been keeping these sweet & unassuming stripes & dots for the occasional orders. And now is the perfect time to do a "pair & match" highlight as a customer enquires of these 6 fabrics.

Which is your favourite? My favourite combination is definitely the "handsome" pair of the crowns with the dark blue tiny dots :)

Prefer using these stripes & dots for the interior of your custom order of Cash Budgeting Purse & Bible Covers? Pls contact me @ The Laughing House for a quote ^^

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

POP Daisy in Green

Just completed barely an hour ago: CASH BUDGETING Purse in POP Daisy (Green)
closes with a magnetic button
the interior with 5 main sections & 1 zipper for cash budgeting needs
Here's a newly completed Cash Budgeting Purse in Heather Bailey's POP Daisy in Green. It's bright, cheerful & definitely POPs out in colour & design :)

I have many other fabrics in my fabric closet that are still waiting to be cut & made into pretties like this. Usually, a 1st "brave heart" orders, & subsequently other people viewing the ready made items in that "virgin" fabric will find their hearts swayed, hehe...

I hope, these pictures will indeed open the eyes for many other "brave hearts" to place their order with this beautiful Heather Bailey's fabric.


Saturday, June 4, 2011


HOUSE SPECIAL!!! Get any 3 READY STOCK items with MATCHING fabric (eg. see featured items above) & enjoy 20% when you enter coupon code: MFABRIC20 during checkout.

Visit The Laughing House for more variety of unique/functional sewn items in matching fabric to enjoy the SPECIAL!

While stock lasts ^^ ENJOY :)))

Friday, June 3, 2011

Thumbs UP & a "V"

Thumbs UP & a "V" sign :)

Two weeks ago, I suddenly came down with a bad case of cold sore. The blister below my left eye suddenly developed into an acne-like bump. Overnight, that lone "acne" multiplied into a cluster of boils, forming an ugly colony.

I had cold sores before, & they always appeared at the edge of my mouth. I thought that was the worst place to have them. Until this episode, when they appeared right under my eye :(

Such prominence!

Well, anywhere such angry colonies appear on the face will be prominent alright :D

This was taken sometime last week, when I needed to take some pictures of my completed projects, & my daughter Natalie insisted on being included in the pictures.

So, here we were... me & my huge acne & colony of cold sores.

Strangely, somehow they dont look that obvious through the camera ^^

As my daughter showed, it's a thumbs up, & victory for us.

Isaiah 53:45 says 'Surely He has borne our grief And carried our sorrows...by His stripes we are healed'

As of today, it's completely healed. The scars are still there though, but I'm thankful that it doesnt really bother me that much. And I believe, that given time, the intensity of it will fade away too.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Batik as a fabric choice?

My recent trip to Bali exposed me to a wide array of Batiks. And... you guessed it, I was tempted! :)

My mom & hubby told me not to get any, as I still have plenty of fabric stashed away in a whole cupboard at home. Not to mention those stowed away at my mom's house ^^

But still, I reasoned that it's such a pity not to get any while I visit Bali, since I hardly goes there.

Though at the back of my mind, I may include these as part of my fabric selection for The Laughing House's customers, I know that it may not be quite cost effective, as they are more expensive than those that I usually get.

To cut the long story short, I succumbed to that "call" :) & got myself 3 pieces as shown below.
I wasnt sure what these type of Batiks are called, as it's not quite the conventional ones I know. Which are the printed version (cheapest), & the hand-drawn ones (most expensive). I love those hand-drawn pieces, as the details are really exquisite. However, the prices can sky-rocket too, as those are really works of art.

Love them, but dont quite feel it worth it for my needs.

So, I settle for these, which falls somewhere in between. They call it the "stamped" version. Kinda like print, but not really mass produced in the same manner.
The boutique owner assured me, that these pieces are truly OOAK (one of a kind!) & I wont see the same design elsewhere, as it's designed by herself (or someone within the same business as herself) & "stamped" in limited quantity.

Not sure if I can take her word for it. But I admit that there's such a wide variety of designs everywhere I go, I cant quite be bothered by the authenticity of the designs.
I bargained my way down to about half the price initially quoted to me (a must in Bali, although these were purchased at a boutique instead of the market), until I'm satisfied that this is a price I wont mind paying in SGD/USD conversion.

Not sure if The Laughing House customers can really appreciate Batiks for their custom orders of Bible Covers/Cash Budgeting Purses etc. But, I may put these up as an added selection.

If after sometime it proves not popular, I already have in mind what to make of these for myself, my daughter, & things around the house ^^

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