Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Foldable/Reversible Eco Bag

Foldable/Reversible Eco Bag
Made with Patricia Bravo's Garden in Aqua fabric, paired with Amy Butler's Sunspots in Turquoise for the interior & exterior pocket.
How to fold your Eco Bag

This was a recently completed custom order of the Foldable/Reversible Eco Bag, made with fabrics from 2 of my favourite fabric designers.

I simply loved how it turned out, & truly enjoyed working on this, as it's really easy & straight forward to work on. The only thing I dont quite enjoy was the initial process of cutting the fabric.

I know a lot of people who sew really enjoys cutting the fabric, but I simply cant quite enjoy that aspect of the project. Even I myself finds it strange, as it's "supposedly" the easiest part, hehe...

Need a Foldable/Reversible Eco Bag for your visits to the library or grocery shopping? CLICK HERE for a custom order, in YOUR choice of Fabric :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


I've been contemplating to do a GIVEAWAY here, once things are not so hectic around The Laughing House & the home-front, when I received a message from Christy the author of SKINNED KNEES, a blog geared towards Moms, Christians & Photographers.

She asked if I'd be interested to do a GIVEAWAY on her blog to share The Laughing House with her readers.

Normally, I'd politely declined. However, this offer came at such perfect timing, & needless to say, I was really honored (as always, when such offers came) I said "Yes" without any hesitation, & immediately selected this Organizer Wristlet in Amy Butler's Sweet Jasmine (Brown) fabric for the lucky winner.

Things moved pretty fast from then on, & b4 I knew it, the post is up by today! ^^

For those of you interested in this GIVEAWAY, do check out SKINNED KNEES to find out the various ways to stand a chance to win this Organizer Wristlet, made especially for the MODERN Women on the GO!

For now, I cant wait to know who the LUCKY winner is, & have Sweet Jasmine in Brown sent to her. I hope the winner will find her a practical & functional companion & cherish her as much as it was a joy to work on her.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bible/Journal Covers with ZIPPER

Newly completed custom order: Bible/Journal Cover with Zipper, in Amy Butler's Clematis (Natural) fabric.
I've been taking on all the Bible/Journal Cover orders for the past 1-2 years, together with a few other designs that I've learnt along the way, such as the Cash Budgeting Purses & Paw Me Pouches.

Recently, more & more customers have been asking for the zippered version for their Bible Covers. In the past, I'd turn down such requests, as I've never made one before, & wasnt sure that I had the time to "explore" & "experiment" with a new design in the midst of my tight schedule.
However, I've finally decided to give this a try, with the help of my mom :) (Yes, the trusted skilled craftswoman that she is). And, she did it successfully (almost), albeit... the size fall short of my customer's request.

For "damage-control", I explained the situation to my customer, & offered a full refund whilst we make her a new piece. But, another long turnaround time is a problem.

She finally decides that she can do away with the zipper, & so I took over her order. She's happy with the final piece, & so am I :)
Last month, I had my 2nd request for a zippered cover. And I boldly took up the challenge (for myself). Call me adventurous, or over-confident...

When the time came for me to start working on her order, a series of (unforeseen circumstances) events, simply took the wind out of my sail, & I was laid flat & stretched.

With my deadline for the custom order approaching, (& eventually passed), the anxiety grew in my heart as I tried (unsuccessfully) to do this new project, which had seem to "do-able" at the beginning.

Finally, I concede defeat, & decided that it's best for me to let go of this order altogether, as it's beyond my present skill level, & lacked the luxury to "trial-an error" a few more times at this point. I felt really lousy & apologetic towards my customer, who had been really gracious to me during our past conversations.

I communicated with her & fully refunded the amount, letting her know that I'll give this a try again once I'm up to it. If it's successfully done, I'll send her the completed piece. Otherwise, I'll ask my mom's help to make a piece for her, & I'll send it over as a form of compensation & goodwill gesture towards her, for I value her as my customer.

For the record, the pictures above showed the 3rd Bible Cover custom order with zipper. And, this piece was taken care of by my mom :)

I reminded her, to give more extra allowance, as we learnt from our 1st lesson. She did, & this piece turned out beautifully, & perfectly according to the measurements given to me.

Now, it's definitely my goal to really learn this from my mom, the next time she comes to Singapore. And, presently, I'll just have to rely on her help again for these zippered Bible Cover custom orders.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bible/Journal Covers with Printed Interior Fabric

These are the 6 Bible Covers I've been working on for the past few days. It's a joy to work on these, as the customer requested an "add-on": printed fabric for the interior. It really made them look so much sweeter :)
First of all, I've to photograph the chosen fabrics against all the possible coordinating fabric & let my customer view them, so that she can visualize better how they might look like together.

However, she decided to simply let me choose on her behalf.

I have stripes, dots, & gingham in various colours, & happily paired them up.

Next, comes the hard work, which is cutting the fabric. It's actually the most undesirable aspect (to me) of making anything ^^ And, to be "time-effective", I proceed to cut all the 6 fabric/coordinating prints/padding/interface etc.... all at once.

It really drained me, & I cant work on it anymore after facing those fabric the whole afternoon.

However, once they're all cut, ironed, & pinned, working thru them is a breeze from then on. I love seeing how the various combination slowly turned out. And felt such great satisfaction to see all the colours/prints come alive as a newly made Bible/Journal Cover.

From time to time, I do have customers requesting printed coordinating fabric instead of the usual plain solids I use, at an additional charge of $4 onwards (depending on the size of the item made).

Seeing how beautiful they always turned out, I've decided to list this option up as an "Add-ons" from now onwards.

These grey elephants, were of fabric sent to me by another customer who cant find any suitable ones from my selection. And, as she dont like the "criss-cross" stitches (quilt effect), she requested that I do away with it, AND the pocket at the back.

It's the first time I'm doing it like this, so I've got to be mindful of planning the fabric/co-ordination & direction, hehe... but hey, whatever suits the need of the customer! :)

Again, she finds difficulty in getting a suitable colour for her grey elephants. So, I took out several possible coordinating prints, & suggests that she uses one of them instead.

True enough, she was attracted to one of the combination, which is this Sunspots in Tangerine, an Amy Butler's fabric.

What do you think of the result?

I TOTALLY am in love with this combination :) And this has proved to be one of my favourite so far.

We cant quite dismiss any colour can we? Even the "dull-est" & most boring colour we though exist, can truly transform into something amazing, when it's brought to "life" with the help of another colour.

Want a custom made Bible/Journal Cover for yourself? Pls contact me at The Laughing House or email me at pingsping@yahoo.com for a quote.

Thank you :)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's Special

I like to throw in a SPECIAL from time to time, & TODAY is one of those "time" :)

These 2 items are expiring (from the listing) today. So grab them b4 it expires & enjoy a 20% off with the coupon code: 1JULY during checkout.

This coupon code special is applicable on the 1st of July only, & these items shall no longer be on discount once they're relisted.

To view more handmade functional sewn items for MODERN Women on the GO, pls visit The Laughing House.

See you there!


This past 1-2 weeks have been quite a tight "rope-walking" of sorts for me. The school holiday, with the kids at home daily further limits my working time.

Well, to put it another way, I was playing more, going out more... & working less :)

But work eventually piles up, & now that they're back in school, it's "catching-up" time for me.

I've been thinking & praying of what's next in store for The Laughing House, & decided that setting up my own website is probably the next step for me.

So, aside from sewing, sewing & more sewing.... I was also doing my "research" on how to get it all put together. Gotta admit, I got a bit carried away checking out graphic designers, templates etc... hehe... well, girls always want to look pretty dont we? That goes the same for our website :D

I realized a shop make-over, website etc... is really a LOT of work. And, with my present limitation, I decided to take one step at a time.

First, I got myself a new logo :)

What do you think of it? I love the colour scheme, simplicity & "put-together-ness" of it, despite the fact that the "symbol/graphic" of a tree, dont really have anything to do with "laughing-house". I decided to go ahead with this :D

Up nx, will be getting the website set up, registering for a domain name... & comparing the web-hosting services. Not that I'm waiting for a "down-time", but when such a time comes, it'll also be my opportunity to work on this.

Is The Laughing Tree more appropriate instead? hehe... :P

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