Monday, October 31, 2011

Featuring 3 of our recently completed custom order Bible Covers. 

Ornate Floral in Amethyst

Picnic Bouquet in Cream

Sandalwood in Turquoise paired with Laurel Dots in Periwinkle interior & trimming.

Need a custom order Bible/Journal Cover, made to fit, in YOUR choice of fabric? Pls visit me at The Laughing House for a quote. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PREMIUM Organizer Purses (Just Stay Little)

Introducing the newly made PREMIUM Organizer Purse range with co-ordinating printed fabrics (by the same designer) for the interior & trimming. It just looks so cool & much sweeter compared to interiors with plain solid fabric ^^

Those featured here are from Sarah Jane's Children at Play collection: Just Stay Little, paired with School Gingham in Red.

* For more Organizer Purses, please visit me @ The Laughing House :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mirror Image Prints Japanese Fabric

NEW in Laughing House Fabric  are these cotton-linen canvas blend Japanese fabric. They're printed in a "story-telling" like pattern, with the above print of a poodle taking a morning stroll along the town lined with quaint small buildings, with pretty flowers & cheerful birds.

On the "down-side"mirror image, the doggie featured is a happy dachshund bounding off the same street for his afternoon stroll!

Can't help falling in love with them, can you? :)
 Here's an Easygoing Kitty in pink, brown & blue.

 They measures slightly more than half a yard, & is actually a good size for my coffee table :D So, it can be used for this purpose as well, by simply sewing on the edges to prevent fraying. Or, if you wish to extend it's length/width, simply sew on a matching/co-ordinating print or solid.

With its cheerful designs, I think it looks great as a piano cover too!

Perfect for tote/bag/purse making & home decor purposes, this cotton-linen canvas blend is a joy to work with for these projects.

Now on sale in Laughing House Fabric. Check them out :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Laughing House Fabric

I've accumulated tons of fabrics over the 4 years that I've been running The Laughing House. However, due to the nature of the business, I have to keep sourcing for new prints & designs in order to keep the variety & choices fresh for my customer's selection.

With that, some fabric prints proved much more popular than some others. Thus, I may end up re-stocking several times over for the fabrics that my customers kept asking for.

Now, I'm laden with a cupboard full of fabric, & still finding the necessity to yet purchase more.

Seeing these fabrics seen better days during their "hey-day", I felt a sense of "pity" towards them, & wish for them to be quickly used up again soon.

That's when I decide that I'll de-stash them on Etsy, & hope that they'll find themselves in the hands of enthusiastic crafters, & be made into something beautiful & precious.

I was reluctant to set up another shop on Etsy, as it'll distract me (somewhat) from the main shop, The Laughing House. However, I've used up all 10 sections there, & cant compromise on removing any of them.

That's when I decide that I'll simply set up a 2nd shop, yet naming it with the same "theme". Thus Laughing House Fabric was born :)

Pls drop by there if you're looking for some fabric destash for your crafting/sewing needs.

I'm simply selling them at cost just to "turn it around" again, instead of letting them waste their "youth" in my cupboard ^^

Thank you once again for your kind support, & hope to see you there soon! :D

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