Sunday, December 25, 2011


1 year ago, we wished that we'd decorated our home for the Christmas & holiday season.

However, the weeks towards Christmas saw us going back to Indonesia, followed by a busy preparation for a 2 week vacation to Taiwan.

Back in Singapore on 13 Dec, I'm swamped with all the orders I need to work on... plus the "resting" I need after the vacation (you understand right?) ^^

Before I knew it, 23rd Dec has silently came upon us, & my husband's bugging me to buy or work on the decoration. Seeing that I'm procrastinating (under the pile of work), & unable to quite shake off the vacation mood, he decided to take things into his hands.

And, he came home with the lightings & some tiny ornaments, & get right to work that night itself.

Hm.... *not quite my taste*... * I'd have done it differently*.... were thoughts swirling through my mind.

But, despite all that, when the decor lights were switched on & "dancing" merrily, it does have that magical Christmas holiday mood that transformed our living room (or windows, hehe...).

I'm so glad he "took things into his own hands" instead of waiting for me to work on it (which probably wouldnt happen again this year)... as I really take a long time to "warm up" to an idea ^^

On the 24th, I decided to shake my laziness, & get right out to get Christmas gifts for the whole family.

That night after dinner, my husband switched on the movie "Passion of Christ" (which was really too graphic/violent for the kids). But we watched it right till the end anyway...& it reminded us, of the reason He came into this earth, & what He went through for us, so that we can be saved.

The movie set us in the right "mood" & thoughtfulness indeed.

A log cake was prepared, & we laughed sheepishly as each other, as we contemplated what to sing... "happy birthday to Jesus" ??? ... hehe...

We ended up with "We wished you a Merry Christmas...." b4 cutting the log cake, & enjoying some Christmas carols sang by Andrea Bocelli on TV.

Then, suddenly remembering that I've prepared gifts for everyone, I took it out & (although they knew, they too like me, has forgotten about it)... & they were pleasantly "surprised" with this nice "ending" :D

It was nice, cozy, warm... as a family.

I'm really grateful. And, really determined to put in more effort at Christmas decor from 1st Dec onwards in year 2012.

I hope your Christmas is filled with warmth, & laughter with your loved ones... family especially :)


Friday, December 23, 2011


It's been 10 days since we came back from our 2 week's year end vacation, but the tiredness has not quite worn off yet.

Perhaps, it's due to the "catching up" I'm trying to do, with all the orders made during my absence, & the incoming orders as well.

It's a blessing really :) & I'm trying to catch my breath... wished I can go out shopping... hehe... (I've yet gone out to shop for the Christmas gifts, & my husband's birthday present).

The kids has been really rowdy & out of control this morning, it's really stretching my limits.

I'm taking a short breather as I type this out now, & praying to God, "pls help me... patience... grace... strength... sanity... wisdom..." So that I wont "lose it" as well.

Thank you for reading :) It's as though, you're "listening" to me ^^

Here's a pretty treasury by beebeesworkshop. Thank you for including my Tiny Dots!  :D

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