Monday, November 26, 2012

IKEA Shopping FUN! ^^

 It's the school holiday, & the kids get restless easily. So, I'm "pacing" myself between activities at home... & bringing them out.

This morning, I announced that we'll go to IKEA, to get some lighting for Christmas.

And, guess what I came home with?? *lol*

Some potpourris, scented candles, a lantern, 2 doggies, & some Christmas themed wrapping paper. :D

But then, it was all soo satisfying & "happy" buying these stuff ^^

Not having my husband around on this trip, gives me "freedom" to buy what my heart desires, *grin*... but, I'm also proud at resisting the charming (& tempting) shiny red, white & silver baubles that will look so pretty hung up around the house for the festive season.

I feel they didnt cost much, but on hindsight, I figured that I'll need more than 1 or 2 boxes to create a certain "effect" that I envisioned. And, suddenly they just seemed too costly for me.

I decided to put those away, & go the handmade route again! :)
This is where all these festive red & silver wrapping papers come in!

I'm planning to make wreaths, & pretty little hang-up decors wrapped in these.... Plus, my intended "Christmas Tree" wall mural :D

Multi-purpose, handmade, & cost saving too!

Now, I'll just have to "persevere" to see these projects through... with the help of my 2 kids of course ;)

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