Thursday, March 15, 2012

NEW Art Gallery Fabric: SUMMER LOVE

Check out Art Gallery's latest fabric, SUMMER LOVE, by Pat Bravo. 

Prints that capture beauty & innocence.  A palette that mixes sun-kissed warm tones with a splash of aqua. Get swept away by SUMMER LOVE, a collection that evokes the spirit of young & carefree romantic adventures.

 I had BIG dreams when these fabrics finally arrived. I'd wanted to make new cushion covers, curtains, bench covers for the home, scarves for myself, & little dresses for my Natalie.

However, I'm continuously swamped with work, be it new orders, minding the kids (& helping out with their school work) or household chores (that's never ending).

 Now that I've just met the last date-line, I finally can have some breathing space... blog about this, & select a fabric for my new scarf :)

What will you dream of making with these line of lovelies?

* Photos courtesy of Art Gallery Fabric.
* SUMMER LOVE is now available in Fat Quarters, Yardage, Mix & Match Bundled Savings at Laughing House Fabric.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Nice Surprise!

Two evenings ago, I was upset with my husband over something (trivial really). However I was being quite sensitive about it, & made me feel sad even till the next day.

I was washing the dishes when he came back home from work, & he presented me with this pretty bouquet!

No words were spoken, but smiles were exchanged, & the hurt was eased a little.

I appreciate this effort made by my husband to cheer me up. When something like this (coming home with flowers were unthinkable during our newly wed years!)

Well, it may have taken 10 years... but I'm glad there's "progress" in the "surprise" department after all :D

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