Tuesday, May 29, 2012


 Newly completed PREMIUM "A" Cash Budgeting Purses

 Delicate Duet in Plum paired with Sonnet in Violet interior & trimmings

 Dancing the Waltz with Sonnet in Violet interior & trimmings

"Surprise" Aqua pockets & dividers :)

Are you a person who uses the Dave Ramsey envelope system for your Cash Budgeting? If you are, you probably know how useful & effective that system really is, yet how boring & troublesome those envelopes are! ^^

Now you can do your CASH BUDGETING with style with these handmade (with sewing machine too, of course) Long Accordian Purse :)

In the past, I only use a main printed fabric just for the exterior, paired with a matching plain solid for the interior.

Then, more & more customers started asking for a coordinating fabric for the interior.

After making a few such "PREMIUM" purses, I started getting tired looking at the crowded prints for the interior.

And, now I've decided to go ahead with these PREMIUM "A" series. With these, I can satisfy customers' desire for a coordinating interior print, & yet balancing it with a plain solid fabric for the pockets & dividers to avoid "over-crowding".

Personally, I think this looks better! What do you think? :D

* For more of these Cash Budgeting Purses, pls visit The Laughing House at http://thelaughinghouse.etsy.com or email me at pingsping@yahoo.com for a custom order.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Home

Once again, I'll be featuring beautiful treasuries on Etsy which I'm honored to be a part of. Thank you ayşe öz from mylamp

Here, "I'm Home" features all things "home-y, comfy..." that promises a warm welcome, & a well deserved rest & time with your loved ones & family after a hard day out at work or school.

Where your heart is, there your treasure will be. Home is heaven here on earth :)

* Featured here is The Laughing House's Bedroom/Home Slippers for Kids, Size XS in Japanese fabric: Prairie Girl.

Friday, May 18, 2012

13" Macbook Sleeve (Delicate Duet in Plum)

These pictures shows a recently completed custom made Laptop Sleeve for a 13" Macbook, in Pat Bravo's fabric from her POETICA collection: Delicate Duet in Plum.

I have it paired with an aqua/turquoise solid for the interior. And, since long zipper comes in very limited colours, I chose a dark brown to go along with this fabric.

The result is such a charming, exotic looking Macbook Sleeve!

I'm so proud of it, & I'm sure my customer (as well as Pat Bravo herself!) will be pleased to see this beauty going around places! :D

* Want a laptop sleeve custom made to FIT, in YOUR choice of fabric? Pls visit me at The Laughing House http://thelaughinghouse.etsy.com for a quote :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mini Home Shop

My NEW fabric storage/show-case shelves & cabinets with glass doors. 

It's been almost 3 years since we moved to this "new" place, & we've renovated/re-painted the whole house to make it look brand new.

What remains "undone", was my dream of making a custom built shelves/cabinets in my work station area. All my fabrics were stored in a temporary shelves & drawers, which simply cant stay neat & tidy for long.

My husband, seeing that my "precious" (fabrics) has multiplied so much (with no chance of decreasing in quantity), decided to go ahead & sponsor me with this custom built beauty. THANK YOU SO MUCH ^^

I'm so happy with how everything turned out, & can proudly invite local customers to my home now, if they wish to see the fabric selection or ready made purses in person :D

All the ready stock items are neatly displayed in a corner of my work station. 

Now that everything is neatly organized in a pretty corner of my house, I'm determined to maintain it looking simple & clutter free. In a way, it significantly decreases the stress level too when your work area is well put together. :)

*PS: everything you see here are on sale on my ETSY shops:
1. The Laughing House (Organizer Purses/Bible Covers & other sewn items)

2. Laughing House Fabric (imported designer fabrics, sold in half yards or more with tiered pricing discounts)

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