Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Cover for my Samsung Galaxy Note. But...

Made with my "Bible Cover" design in mind. I had planned to add either "flaps" at top & bottom, or "dog-ears" to hold secure the phone inside. However, I realized (belatedly), that it's too small... & I thought that I had given plenty of allowance. Well, apparently it wasnt enough.. thus I cant put the "finishing" touch to complete it. 

I'll have to either modify it (if I want to salvage this piece), or turn it into a purse. Otherwise, I'll have to make a new piece all over again. 

But, it still looked pretty right? :) Not quite practical nor functional yet... So, I'll just have to use it purely as a "cover" for now, to protect my new "toy" from scratches & falls. ^^

Monday, July 23, 2012

It's time for a new smart phone. And, I was mulling between the latest Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, & the 7" tablet.

Fact is, I need a new phone. A tablet will be really handy when I'm out meeting customers. But, iPad is too bulky for my fancy, & getting the 7" tablet (though it's actually the perfect size for me) is not quite practical as a phone (despite ear piece, blue tooth etc). Imagine going to the wet market & carrying a 7" tab with me! You get the idea ;)

So, that narrows down the choices to Galaxy S3 & the Note.

S3 has impressive "latest" technology which I dont really care about (at this point in time), whilst the Note has bigger screen (which I like), yet "comfortable" dimensions as a phone. It compromises my needs pretty well.

So, we have a WINNER! :D

And, I got myself this pretty PINK Samsung Galaxy Note, finally... ;)

After getting it, I was wondering if I should've gotten myself the WHITE instead. It'll be so much easier to choose the colours of the casing/covers.

But then, my previous iPhone was a WHITE, & I was getting bored of it. So, I'll just stay happy with this cheery PINK. Anyways, I have PLENTY of fabrics to choose from. So, I'll choose from my own selection, & MAKE myself a nice cover with it.

Can't wait! I'll show it off here when it's done... for sure! :D

Friday, July 20, 2012

NEW ARRIVAL 20 July 2012

These are the fabric that arrived in the HOUSE yesterday! It's the usual excitement all over again... *yeah* ... like CHRISTMAS! hehe...

25 new prints altogether, & a restocking of Sarah Jane's highly popular BALLOONS fabric, plus a few others from her Children@Play Collection such as the Family Tree, Dolls, Chasing Airplanes etc. Of course, the coordinating prints such as the Dot to Dot & School Gingham gotta be included in the game :)

Aside from these, you'll also see PATTY YOUNG's latest collection, Heaven & Helsinki. Dont you just love the name? You'll love the creative prints & colours that comes with it!

Lastly, I've also brought in a few other unique & interesting prints from Michael Miller Fabric from their Novelty range. Definitely in line with my HOUSE motto of "Delightful, Whimsical prints to whet your sewing appetite!"

* I've begun to start listing them one by one at LAUGHING HOUSE FABRIC. Enjoy the fun... & don't drool ;) 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MAAD Pyjamas Party!

It's been quite sometime since I've heard about MAAD (Market of Artists & Designers) at the Red Dot Museum, held once a month. However, being curious about it was simply not enough motivation for me to check it out. 

Until, last Friday when I have a little bit of spare time in between waiting for my daughter's 2 hours ballet session. So, I decided to not procrastinate any longer, & visit the 13th July MAAD Pyjamas (as they call it) :)

And, I like what I saw! It's not too small where you feel bored easily, nor too big where you simply got lost in the crowd. There's quite an interesting variety of items on sale (lots of handmade, even "designer" food *wink*... music to spice up the mood).

That's enough reason I think, & I decided there & then, that if The Laughing House is finally coming out of the "shell" (aka online retail), then perhaps the MAAD market is a good starting point.

So, that's where we'll be! Come visit us on:

Date: 3rd August 2012
Time: 5pm - 12 MN
Location: Red Dot Museum (3 mins walk from Tg Pagar MRT Stn)

I'm starting to prepare & stock up on Cash Budgeting Purse, Mini Card Organizer Purse, iPhone Case, Bedroom/Home Slippers, & some Bible Covers. Not to forget, my FABRICS will be putting up a "show" as well :D

Hope to see you there, & pls say "Hi" to me! I really would love to meet & greet my customers or "followers" ;)

* For more details on what we have in the HOUSE, pls check out my shops:
http://thelaughinghouse.etsy.com (handmade Organizer Purses, Bible Covers etc)
http://laughinghousefabric.etsy.com (delightful & whimsical fabric supplies)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Breakfast in Bed!

What a great way to start the day! Breakfast in Bed? Wow... it sounds like a retreat or vacation time for me ;)

Love the colours & combination of unique items featured in this treasury.

And, as always ... I'm so honored to have one of my item featured in such a lovely treasury.

Thank you Ragay Jewelry for including my Bedroom/Home Slippers with these delightful finds!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Heaven & Helsinki, by Patty Young

Here's a sneak preview of what's to come in this month from Michael Miller Fabric. 
Presenting: Heaven & Helsinki, by Patty Young!  *applause please...* :D

Well, it's really a whole bunch of prints bright & bold. But, I'm not getting the full range, only picking a handful that I really like (such as the City Blocks above), & a few other coordinating fabrics that'll really play up the prints nicely.

 So, it'll be these Zig-zag patterns, & the little birdies below, in aqua, & green :)

I'm already in love with them, & can't wait for their arrival soon in the HOUSE ^^ ... waiting for these prints to bring with them some Helsinki-an charm, & a "glimpse" of Heaven! :D

*Feel free to contact me for a pre-order, & wholesale/bulk purchase pricing. See you soon!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Fabric Shelves

I have 2 BIG shipments of Michael Miller fabrics coming the month of July & August... & I can't wait!

It'll feature several novelties, whimsical prints that are bound to delight & whet your sewing appetite.

Not to mention, the highly popular Sarah Jane's NEW illustrations of children playing OUT to SEA! What FUN we'll have playing adventures, pirate games & if you're lucky... you may spot a mermaid! ^^

I'll talk more about it in my next blog post, & yes... with pictures of course!

Check back soon ;)

* The featured fabrics are available at Laughing House Fabric. Visit me there today :D

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Finds

It's Monday, & I was finding it hard to get my engines going the whole morning. Could it be because today is a non-school day? I had an excuse of getting up a bit later than usual... & enjoying the late start, I thought I'd be up & refreshed.

Surprisingly, the lethargy never quite left me till the late morning, when I start to feel restless & a bit drowsy again, despite not doing much work.

After lunch, I made the kids go into the room to read, & have a nap.

We all slept... all the way till 5pm!

Waking up, that's when I felt slightly more recharged, & ready to face the day! *belatedly* :)

Now, at 8pm & done with dinner... I received a message from a kind lady informing me that my Cash Budgeting Purse is included in her treasury, titled "Monday Finds".

I love this collection... in Lilac...not Blue ^^

I must have gone through a mild case of Monday Blues...but am glad to face these beautiful Monday Finds.

Thank you Sarmite Nastevica from SasasHandcrafts for helping me lift up some of the "blues" ;)

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