Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Out to Sea" finally!!!

Long awaited indeed... what with the 1 month delay! They must have gone through troubled waters on the way to Singapore! lol...

Anyways, here they are finally! Nautical Maps... Pirates, Narwhals... & if you're lucky, Mermaids! ;)

I've already begun listing them, though it may take a bit of time, I'll try my best. 30 prints in all :D

It's time to feast on the treasures they bring to us.

Check them out at Laughing House Fabric, & have fun! ^^

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Public Garden, once again :)

Hi everyone! For those of you who missed The Laughing House & Fabric's 1st Public Garden appearance, we'll be there again end of this month :D

However, pls take note that we'll be there only on the 29th Sept (Saturday), 1-7 pm @ MICA Building, a mere 5 mins walk from City Hall MRT station. Which is actually just across the road from Funan IT Mall's back entrance.

Pls mark your calendar... & come visit, say "Hi!" ... I'd really love to see my customers in person, & likewise, I'm sure you're curious to check out our purses & fabrics in person as well :)

So, I hope to see you then :D


Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Heirloom

My mom has been telling me of this Singer sewing machine which she "inherited" from her mother, who originally belonged to her husband (my grandfather).

So, all in... this piece is easily 70-80 years old!

It's an old rusty & broken down machine, which is just kept away at her house. 

When I told her I intend to get an industrial sewing machine to work on the heavier materials, she suggested this machine immediately.

So, she had it serviced & fitted with a motor. Knowing that it's the typical black colored machine, I asked her to have it painted in a nice cream colour while the workers are still on it.

And finally, here it is... all the way from Indonesia, to Singapore.

It's definitely an antique, & it's now passed on to me! :D

Such a priviledge, to own something as beautiful & meaningful as this, which spanned 3 generations :)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bella by Lotta Jansdotter

When I first set my eyes on Bella, I knew immediately that this is one collection that I must get on board the House!

Designed by Swedish designer Lotta Jansdotter, Bella's clean cut & bold prints are truly delightful & refreshing all at once, remaining true to modern Scandinavian feel. They are bright, but not imposing... subtle, yet whimsical all at once.

I can already imagine the tunics I want to make for myself, a little dress for my little girl, perhaps a nice tote bag to go along, & a matching pencil case! Hm.... now that I think of it, we do need a new table cloth, & the windows will appreciate some refreshing change!

Enough said. Now, I'm pleased to announce that Bella will be the new upcoming collection you can look forward to feast your eyes on, & let your creative juices flow :D

Let's look forward to her arrival, come October ;)

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