Monday, November 26, 2012

IKEA Shopping FUN! ^^

 It's the school holiday, & the kids get restless easily. So, I'm "pacing" myself between activities at home... & bringing them out.

This morning, I announced that we'll go to IKEA, to get some lighting for Christmas.

And, guess what I came home with?? *lol*

Some potpourris, scented candles, a lantern, 2 doggies, & some Christmas themed wrapping paper. :D

But then, it was all soo satisfying & "happy" buying these stuff ^^

Not having my husband around on this trip, gives me "freedom" to buy what my heart desires, *grin*... but, I'm also proud at resisting the charming (& tempting) shiny red, white & silver baubles that will look so pretty hung up around the house for the festive season.

I feel they didnt cost much, but on hindsight, I figured that I'll need more than 1 or 2 boxes to create a certain "effect" that I envisioned. And, suddenly they just seemed too costly for me.

I decided to put those away, & go the handmade route again! :)
This is where all these festive red & silver wrapping papers come in!

I'm planning to make wreaths, & pretty little hang-up decors wrapped in these.... Plus, my intended "Christmas Tree" wall mural :D

Multi-purpose, handmade, & cost saving too!

Now, I'll just have to "persevere" to see these projects through... with the help of my 2 kids of course ;)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BELLA is Here!

 Bella arrived this morning, much faster than anticipated.

I've decided to hold a Pre-Order Sale to garner exposures while awaiting her arrival. And, now that she's here, it'll be sold according to the suggested retail price with immediate effect.

However, due to the on going Pre-Order Sale, I'll continue with it until the end of today. And, the prices will be adjusted upwards from 21st November onwards (Singapore time :) ).
The actual prints are sooooo much more prettier in person, and especially so when coupled together in coordinating colours & prints! So much so, that I can't wait to have them cut, & started on MY OWN projects as well!

The question now is, what must I do to keep the kids occupied long enough for me to "play", now that it's the year end school holiday? hehe... :P

Pls visit Laughing House Fabric for the full range of BELLA collection.

See you there! ^^

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dear Indonesian/Jakarta customers, 

I'm going to Indonesia from 1-11 Dec. I'll be happy to bring your fabric orders with me so that you can save on shipping fee. 

However, as I'll be traveling to Bogor, Jakarta & Cirebon, I can only accommodate customers who are willing to SELF-COLLECT, at the Hotel (Jkt only) which I'm staying in, on 4-6 Dec. 

Pls contact me for details & arrangements to meet. Thank you ^^

* Wondering what the fuss is all about? Head over now to Laughing House Fabric, for whimsical delightful prints to whet your sewing appetite! :D

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