Monday, January 14, 2013

Fabrics coming in Jan 2013

What's new @ Laughing House Fabric for the year 2013? I promise not to disappoint, with 2 interesting collections in the pipeline :D

First of all, SCAMPER by Rebekah Ginda from BIRCH Fabrics will be our first arrival for the year.

In their own words, Birch fabrics mixes "retro style with whimsical juvenile accents". Well said, & true enough isnt it?

The gentle pastel colours with the occasional bright orange & cute designs are guaranteed to WOW your breath away! hehe... it did mine ;)

I'm sure you'll be brimming with designs & inspirations after seeing these fabrics. Check them out at Laughing House Fabric for pre-order sale prior to their arrival in 2 weeks (or less).

See you around! 

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