Friday, January 25, 2013

Puppy Love

Puppy Love 

I had a pile of fabric stash, & wondering what to make with them, I've decided to go ahead with simple projects that requires minimal time, & fabrics.

With a few themes & little projects in mind, I set out with one of them. Starting by drawing an outline for the dogs. It was too small.

I started all over again. Hm... the size is perfect this time round.

But, I overlooked certain things... & it wasnt turning out the way it's supposed to be. Not wanting to "abandon" these pups, I decided to "adopt" them. It's still work in progress... now I'm wondering what I should do next to make them feel right at home :)

Trees, grass field... dog house & bones are ideas floating around my head. Guess I'm in serious trouble now!

My simple & straight forward project is turning out to be another tedious undertaking.

What to do? I'm a mom... mothers want to give the best for their babies. ;)

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