Monday, February 25, 2013

Public Garden affair at National Museum (23 & 24th Feb 2013)

Just concluded a 2 days Public Garden event at National Museum over the weekend. Thank you so much for all customers who visited, supportive shoppers who chatted with me, & friendly neighbour vendors! It's been a great "outing", albeit an exhausting one for me :D

I must say, this has been the best experience I've had so far from all my other craft fairs. Firstly, the location at National Museum is convenient & well known to most (if not all) shoppers. Secondly, the comfortable, & beautiful setting is large, bright, & safe for my kids to roam around freely! :D Thirdly, it's indoor. So, there's no fear of rain & getting my stuff wet & dirty.

This is also the 1st time I'm taking part 2 days in a row... I must say, it's really exhausting, & pushed me to the limit physically as I'm not one who can really sit/or stand for very long in a stretch! hehe...

Some highlights: 
1. Previous customers who visited the fair, said hi & introduced themselves to me. One lady even showed me the pouch she bought from me several years back, & still using it now! You really made my day! ^^

2. Customers (young & old) who enquired abt sewing lessons. I do have the intention of starting a class this year, but have yet to "settle" down properly after my daughter started primary 1 this year. Perhaps, I should really sit down & plan properly.

3. Customers who chatted & said very kind & encouraging words to me! WOW... thank you so much!

4. I love my friendly vendor neighbours (left & right) ! We had a good time chatting & sharing tips & experiences. You know who you are :D

5. Other fellow vendors & familiar faces I've met through MAAD, Handmade Movement, & previous Public Garden affairs. It's nice to meet all of them again, made small talks & laugh together. 

Thumbs up! ^^

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