Monday, May 27, 2013

Racerback Flare Dress

I've been sewing for about 3 years now, mostly purses & bible covers for my online shop, The Laughing House.

My mom was a very skilful seamstress in her younger days, & she was the one who passed on her sewing skill & tips to me.

I remembered her sewing many clothes for herself, & dresses for me when I was young. But it was still deeply entrenched in my mind, that sewing clothing is a highly challenging task!

Sometime last year, I had her teach & guide me along on dressmaking. I completed 2 or 3 pieces, but was never confident enough to attempt a project without her around (we live in different countries).

With that, my interest (in dressmaking) slowly wanes again, as I stuck to the "safer" projects which I can confidently handle.

Lately, I started to notice a few pattern shops on Etsy, & once again, my interest is piqued!

What with cute little models, & customer's feedback of how they themselves were beginner sewers, yet completing a dress for their little princess!

That was all it took, for me to take the plunge once again!

Then I came across Cali Faye Collection on Etsy, & was immediately taken in by the pretty little model, stylish dresses that looked really comfortable, & best of all, greatly designed for kids!

When I saw a FB announcement that Cali Faye was having a discount (Mother's Day?), I simply couldnt resist it, & got myself 4 patterns!

One of it was this lovely Racerback Flare Dress.

I couldnt believe how easy it was to piece this dress together! My confident level definitely took a boost to a higher level!

I chose this Seaweed in Navy fabric (from my fabric collection @ Laughing House Fabric) as Natalie had been telling me how much she loved this "tiger-striped" purple fabric :D

As you can see, she was totally delighted with her new dress! I think, it's a perfect little everyday dress, for an active little girl, who likes to dress feminine with a flare- twirly dress to whirl a storm as she dance away.

Mothers, they'll be soo blessed by your effort, & believe me, it's a highly satisfying (not to mention, therapeutic, & may I add, addictive) project! ^^

* Patterns from: CaliFaye Collection
* Fabric from: Laughing House Fabric
* Stay tuned to my next project: Papillon Dress

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