Saturday, September 7, 2013

Touched by Kindness

Yesterday, I dropped by Mr. Bean's (Pasir Ris MRT Station) to get some pancakes for my kids & helper. As it turned out, I dont have enough cash at hand, & was short of 30 cents. I apologised to the staff, & said I'll take 1 less. 

Surprisingly, both of them smiled at me & spontaneously, & said "It's OK! You can come back & pay us another day." 

Wow! I was touched by their friendly & generous attitude! Coming out of the shop, I told my helper & kids what happened. And at that moment, a stranger who overheard our conversation suddenly offered me 30 cents to pay for the difference. I was rather taken aback by the unexpected offer, but politely turned down. 

What a day! I'm touched by 2 kind acts within a span of 5 mins... this reminds me, that there are plenty of kind souls around us, & perhaps when the opportunity arises, I should pass it on. 

Have you been kind today? 

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