Friday, January 25, 2013

Puppy Love

Puppy Love 

I had a pile of fabric stash, & wondering what to make with them, I've decided to go ahead with simple projects that requires minimal time, & fabrics.

With a few themes & little projects in mind, I set out with one of them. Starting by drawing an outline for the dogs. It was too small.

I started all over again. Hm... the size is perfect this time round.

But, I overlooked certain things... & it wasnt turning out the way it's supposed to be. Not wanting to "abandon" these pups, I decided to "adopt" them. It's still work in progress... now I'm wondering what I should do next to make them feel right at home :)

Trees, grass field... dog house & bones are ideas floating around my head. Guess I'm in serious trouble now!

My simple & straight forward project is turning out to be another tedious undertaking.

What to do? I'm a mom... mothers want to give the best for their babies. ;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Public Garden @ National Museum of Singapore

Save the date! 

I'm excited to announce that The Laughing House & Fabric will be taking part in Public Garden's event at National Museum of Singapore.

This will be a first for Public Garden, as they moved from the usual venue of MICA Building.

I'm excited for several reason, one of it being the "cool" location where the event will be held. As the last flea market hosted by the museum was 2006! The management & organizer is perhaps trying to move with the times, & give this a shot to create an extra buzz for museum goers & art lovers alike.

With an intended target of about 100 vendors, "live" music performances, interactive workshops, I'm sure they're targeting an all-out hit to create a memorable experience for shoppers who've yet to be exposed to the local handmade indie-community & creativity of the local folks. 

I'm sure you'll walk away enriched, & inspired by the experience! 

Save the date ;)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Fabrics coming in Jan 2013

What's new @ Laughing House Fabric for the year 2013? I promise not to disappoint, with 2 interesting collections in the pipeline :D

First of all, SCAMPER by Rebekah Ginda from BIRCH Fabrics will be our first arrival for the year.

In their own words, Birch fabrics mixes "retro style with whimsical juvenile accents". Well said, & true enough isnt it?

The gentle pastel colours with the occasional bright orange & cute designs are guaranteed to WOW your breath away! hehe... it did mine ;)

I'm sure you'll be brimming with designs & inspirations after seeing these fabrics. Check them out at Laughing House Fabric for pre-order sale prior to their arrival in 2 weeks (or less).

See you around! 

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